Trigger Point Tools – The Acumo

The Acumo Massage Ball is a neat new tool for massaging trigger points. What makes it different from other similar massage balls is that it has a rechargeable battery inside. This means you can turn it on to make it either heat up, or vibrate – or both.

If you’re interested – here’s the link to check it out on At the moment they’re just selling this in the USA.

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Helen London October 17, 2016

This Acumo, looks quite useful
Can I suggest you put it in a sock so that you can hang it over your shoulder and not be constantly having to retrieve it from under a chair.
Also I have found it useful it balance a ball between the back of my chair and shoulder. It is then easy to vary the pressure by moving, handy also leaving hands free for reading or driving.
Keep up the good work,
Helen London

    Naomi Kuttner October 19, 2016

    Thanks Helen!
    Great suggestion.

Kimberly February 25, 2019

I live alone. Will this work for me ?

    Naomi Kuttner March 14, 2019

    Hi Kimberley,
    Yes, this is designed for self treatment.

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