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Joan August 14, 2012

Dear Dr. Kuttner:
I’ve been in pain for 5 years and have tried numerous doctors, tests and treatments. I was shampooing carpets for 8 hrs. (five years ago) with a very cumbersome Rug Doctor machine. I believe I injured myself but most Drs. won’t listen to my concerns. I’m 62 so they assume it’s normal. Now I can hardly walk. Anti-inflamatory meds. help but little. From the beginning I couldn’t pull my bent right leg to my chest, but I can with the left leg. Pain started in the groin like a pulled muscle, then in the buttocks, hip and now in the knee–all on the right side. I don’t have pain in my back but there is a sort of pressure feeling on the lower right side. It’s difficult to put my sock and shoe on (right foot). I’ve gone from a cane to a walker.
I work with individuals with developmental disabilities (creating lessons plans) and thought I’d work for at least another five years, as I love my job. Now I don’t know if that’s possible because of the pain and mibility challenges.
What I’ve read on your website so far, Dr. Kuttner, has been so encouraging. I’m just not sure I can do this myself. If you didn’t live so far away, I’d schedule an appointment to see you. I live in the Fort Worth, Tx. area.
Please help me. I’m so very overwhelmed.
Very sincerely,
Joan Racine

    Jonathan August 22, 2012

    Hello Joan,

    unfortunately my clinic is in New Zealand. I hope you’re able to continue finding useful information on this site however.

Somporn KT, PhD August 26, 2012

Hi Joan,
Thank you for a manual of trigger point.

bertram mc dowell September 10, 2012

I want to learn the trigger points inorder to help people who are in pain and discomfort

Anita October 26, 2012

I have this problem since 2010 after i did manuplation left frozen shoulder.right side from the ear level neck,shoulder blade,armpit, collar bone upper arm all are stiff and knotted cant do repetitive movements, stretch or raise my arm. Neck has lot of pressure when i sit that i should sleep for 2-3 hrs. I can not lie down more then 3-4 hrs base of the neck is paining and hurting. I have been 3 years to every specialist apart from surgery they dont talk. I did a surgery in 2011 oct C5/6 anterior infusion left side improved. I do visit my osteopathy twice a week. Monday after the treatment i feel very light and can do some movements,next day the tightness starts by thursday i am full with knots and stiffnes. I do hope to get a solution from your side a miracle might happen.THANK YOU

Sveta November 17, 2012

Hello, I was wandering if your technique works for softening fascia’s scars due to post operational bowel obstructions.
My myafascia therapist told me that if I lay on a baseball every day for 20 min – i will never have yet another obstruction operation. Please advice. Thank you

Wendell Wells December 29, 2012

Hello, I hurt my lower back about 8 years ago. I had my dics shaved. I felt great for about 2 years then the pain came back in my lower back. Later I was feeling a sharp pain from my lower back down the back of my left leg down to my ankle. Latley my leg has been hurting all the time, I don’t sleep well and I have slowed down my actives.
I had an MRI of my back done and now I have two dics bulging. I beleive L-3 and L-5. I am hoping and praying that the information I receive from you will help stop my pain and I can start living again. Thank you so much for putting the information out there.

Howie Stein February 6, 2013

Hello: My eyeducts are closed. I would like to know if myofascial release will help to open them up. Thank you.

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