How to Treat Hip Trigger Points

Hip trigger points are an often-overlooked cause of long-lasting hip pain. They’re also often quite straightforward to treat and can give fast pain relief.

In this short video you’ll discover how trigger points can cause (sometimes severe) hip pain, and the story of a man who had hip pain for years – until he learned which trigger points were causing it.

If you want to go deeper into treating trigger points, here’s where to find out more >>>

Update: Here’s a quote from the person in this story:

“After going to the Life After Pain site and treating trigger points as they recommend, I was able to get pain relief for a hip pain that had gone on for 5 years.

“Before I treated my triggers the only pain relief I got was from taking painkillers. The hip pain was unrelenting, and was preventing me from enjoying exercise and sleeping properly. In short, it was ruining my life.

“One month after I started treating my triggers things are still progressing well. Most of my trigger points in the hips are not sore anymore. Only the trigger point at the forefront of my hips is still a little sore but improves when I activate them.

“Yesterday, I played 18 holes of golf and started to feel a little pain in my lower back around the 16thhole. No pain in the hips. But I was able to finish the game without problems. 2-3 months ago I would not even think of playing golf without first taking painkillers before and after the game. Now I am not using them at all.”

– Claus Spangenberg, Denmark

Here’s the back story…

Treating My Own Hip Trigger Points

I do a martial law called Aikido. A little while ago I went on a two day Aikido retreat. The level of activity was quite intense, and I probably overdid things.

When I woke up two days later I could hardly move. I had this incredible pain in my left hip. If I stood on it, it wasn’t too bad, but if I twisted, it was absolute agony.

The advantage that I have is that I work as a pain specialist and I have an abiding interest in trigger points. So I examined my own hip, looking specifically for a set of hip trigger points in the big muscles around the joint. In particular, I investigated a muscle called the psoas. This muscle is often missed as a cause of hip pain.

I lay down and I worked on my psoas, the gluteal muscles, longissimus and iliocostalis. Gradually over a few days of stretches, heat and ischemic pressure release, all the trigger points melted away and I had no pain. It’s great I could use this knowledge to settle my own hip pain.

Iliocostalis Trigger Points Causing Pain in the Hip
Gluteus Medius Trigger Points Causing Hip Pain

Recently though, I had a discussion with a man who also had pain in his hip – but not for a few days. He had it for five years. He’d gone to see many experts and had all kinds of scans done. He was living with unremitting pain in his hip and it had basically screwed his life up.

He went on this site, learned about trigger points and applied the knowledge to the muscles around his hip. He treated them himself and the effect he noticed was the same as me. Over five days he treated his triggers and the pain slowly melted away. This was after five years of constant and unremitting pain.

This shows firstly that hip trigger points can be a serious cause of long term pain. Secondly, treating these triggers can be amazingly effective. And thirdly even though they’re really common, many health professionals don’t know about trigger points and how to find and treat them.

They tend to focus on MRI scans and other investigations. These are excellent for solving a whole other set of problems. However tight muscles with trigger points are an obvious cause of hip pain.

That’s why it’s important to check for hip trigger points when other methods haven’t proven effective. If you want to find which trigger points may be causing hip pain, click the link below to use our free trigger finder:

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Lisa Morris July 30, 2017

I can beat the guy who had hip pain for five years, I had pain for seven years, requiring daily pain medication. I had been to numerous doctors thinking it was my bladder, but nothing they did helped. I also went through two rounds of physical therapy, one with a pelvic pain specialist, with no improvement. I finally figured out how to treat the psoas myself and been able to get off narcotic pain meds, as of six weeks ago.

It’s just too bad that most doctors don’t know how to treat this, or even that it can be a cause of pelvic pain.

Dolly Hodgins December 8, 2018

No…Thank YOU….it is amazing how things cross our path, I am certainly glad I inquired on your post!…I have tried the points on myself, and am enjoying the results!!!….Thank you

Danielle Shanks April 7, 2019

Great video but where am i suppose to find the trigger points in my hip? and how do i feel for them when there is a lot of fat

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