Chronic Pelvic Pain Remedies – Myofascial Release

Trigger points can occur in some unexpected places and can easily cause chronic pelvic pain. Recommended treatment of chronic pelvic pain is the myofascial release on trigger points that occur in the pelvis.

This is so important to know because these myofascial triggers are so often overlooked as a cause of pain in the pelvis. And chronic pelvic pain can be a major problem in some people’s lives.

For people with this pain, you first need to exclude the common causes. These are often endometriosis in women and prostatitis in men.

Once these have been excluded, too often people are told to learn to live with the pain.

It’s almost like medical providers just don’t see another option after they’ve excluded the organs in the pelvis. But they often forget the biggest organ of all – your muscular system.

I think being put in the ‘too hard’ basket for treatment is really unfortunate. In my experience, careful examination will often reveal pelvic trigger points.

Once these are treated, chronic pelvic pain can be either reduced or abolished.┬áThis can truly change people’s lives, and I wish more doctors knew about this.

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