Chest Trigger Points and Breathing

Modern life is stressful. I’m sure ancient life was stressful as well, but there’s one difference.

Most people nowadays feel stressed while they’re sitting still – either at desks or in their car. And this has a subtle but powerful effect on your body.

When you’re feeling stressed, it’s normal to feel ‘not good.’ Or sometimes – a lot worse than ‘not good.’ Stress can make you feel awful.

Not many people are aware of an important fact. Often a lot of the awful feeling comes not from the emotion of stress, but how it affects your body.

In particular – how it affects your breathing.

There’s two ways of breathing. The first is using your diaphragm – a relaxed and efficient mode. The second is using your upper chest muscles. Usually,  you’d only use this if you had to run incredibly fast or expend a huge physical effort. But if you’re not aware of it – you can switch into this mode when you’re stressed. And if you breathe for any length of time in this mode  – while sitting still – you’ll start to feel quite unwell.

The next time you feel stressed, I want you to do a simple thing. Put one hand on your chest, and one hand on your belly.

As you breathe in – see which hand moves.

If your chest hand moves – it’s highly likely you’re stress breathing. And that can make you feel out of control, out of breath and unwell. And…it can turn on chest and neck trigger points. And in turn, these tight chest muscles can create back, shoulder and chest trigger points.

That’s why the Trigger Point Course also includes a bonus course on breathing. It’s subtle stuff, but it will have a profound effect in your life. This one simple adjustment can make you feel back in control when a situation feels like it’s spinning out of your reach.

And it can really help reduce tightness in your chest, neck and upper shoulders.

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Coskun Toktamis June 12, 2017

I often get stressed out of the blue or when I am watching Tv or writing on Facebook, maybe having a war in words or expressions. The other time is that when my IBS goes out of control which is the bane of my life as it lasts 24/7 365 days a year.
I do try this breathing technique, sometimes helps sometimes not.And I take 5mg Diazepam.Then walk about like a zombie. My neck muscles cause a hell of a trouble too as they get very stiff.It is just a constant struggle and bothers.

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