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(Your scepticism is perfect understandable if you've been suffering a long time. But you can test the FREE techniques in under two minutes immediately after your download the FREE Manual....what if I'm right?)

  • Methodically find and deactivate triggers - (even when they're really hard to locate...)
  • Get self treatment techniques for pain - even in those 'impossible to reach areas'
  • Get guidance for gentle trigger releases that won't leave you with sore and bruised muscles after treatment....
  • Get Safe Stretches and Exercises to help you build muscle strength and begin your normal active life again...

"In 1992 I was diagnosed with Myo Fascial Pain Syndrome, I had approximately 40 Trigger points all going off... Well, now I have been practicing your 'trigger point switch off'  and I am getting soooo much relief I cant tell you how much, finally after all these years I am feeling so much better as the pain is getting less each time I do my trigger points. "
- Jenny Taylor

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  • A great FREE Trigger Point Chart Resource where you can see all the major muscles with their trigger points mapped out...
  • What to do about SEVERE and chronic muscle spasms...
  • Handle Recurring Trigger Points (which keep coming back seemingly no matter what you do....)

"After 2 years of pain in my leg and having spent $1000′s of dollars in treatment for multiple theories I came across your website and instantly recognised my problem.After the first treatment I noticed a difference."
Sandra Pilet

"I've been doing TPT for years and I must said that I have learned a tremendous amount of useful clinical information from you. You are a wonderful teacher!Thanks so much for your insights and knowledge. Dr. G"
- Dr. Larry E. Gibson The Chiropractic Physical Medicine Center

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