Pain Relief Products

The Life After Pain Course - For People with Chronic Pain

This is the place to get Jonathan’s personal help and advice – as well as a 12 week course on using the mind-body connection to turn down chronic pain and get your life back.

The Trigger Point Course - Self Treatment

In my work with people in chronic pain, I see people every day with muscle pain that’s been plaguing them for months, or even years.

For many people, the answer lies in a little-known body of knowledge – a pain relief technique that you can test yourself in as little as 90 seconds.

The Life After Pain Book - Chronic Pain Self Help

With 92% five star reviews - it's clear this book is really helping people. It's for people who want to break the cycle of chronic pain and get back to active, pain-free living. This book is available on in kindle & paperback versions.

Other Courses

The Posture Course: There is one major factor that causes muscle pain to keep coming back. It’s not obvious, but fixing this could be the key to getting rid of muscle pain for good – and getting your life back.

The Simple Low Inflammation Eating Plan:  It turns out that changing what you eat – and when you eat it – can do a LOT to reduce chronic muscle pain and trigger points. Find out some simple things you can eat – and stop eating – to reduce muscle pain and inflammation in your body.

Trigger Point Charts: 167 pages of trigger point charts in downloadable format. Detailed diagrams of muscular structure with the trigger point locations and their pain distribution patterns. A very useful tool for treating trigger points – on yourself or others.​

The Core Breathing Course: We spend a lot of time rushing through our busy lives, not conscious or being present in the moment. This means you probably end up holding tension in your shoulders, upper back and chest. This starts a negative cycle, and the tension you’re holding could be one reason for getting chronic pain and trigger points that keep coming back. In this course, you’ll find out how Core Breathing can relieve stress, increase vitality and decrease chronic muscle pain.​

Other Recommended Products

The Original Back Knobber this a well-crafted self massage products of practical value made of quality materials, and with a design grace of elegant simplicity.

Back Knobber USA
Back Knobber UK
Back Knobber Australia
Back Knobber New Zealand

The Trigger Fairy: this is a great tool - particularly useful for people with a slight build, or people who travel a lot. It's small and will fit inside almost all hand luggage bags. Great tool for getting into back, shoulder and neck muscles.

The Theracane this is a useful tool for releasing triggers in your back, neck and shoulders

The Acumo Trigger Massage Ball: this is a neat new tool for massaging trigger points. What makes it different from other similar massage balls is that it has a rechargeable battery inside. This means you can turn it on to make it either heat up, or vibrate – or both.

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