Pain Vampires - Chronic Pain Relief

Pain Vampires


Have you noticed the number of vampire books/movies/TV series around at the moment?

It’s hard not to. It’s like the world’s suddenly become obsessed with vampires.

Why? It’s hard to say. But here’s a few folklore legends about vampires.

1. They can’t enter your house unless you invite them in
2. Once they come in, it’s game over. They suck you dry.

Now, this is just folklore stuff, but I would bet that everyone has some kind of vampire in their life.

It could be a work colleague who is always taking your time and energy. Or the daily commute in a traffic jam that gets your blood pressure up and stresses you out.

Or for many of my subscribers it’s a daily pain that keeps coming back, leaving you tired and sore.

So, remember rule number 1.= don’t invite the vampire in.

When you start feeling the pain, turn your attention to something else.

I can already hear you saying ‘yes but….’

‘But it hurts!’

I didn’t say it was easy. Just that you can amplify your pain, or turn it down, by directing your attention away from the pain.

You may need to try a variety of techniques to combat chronic pain, including correcting posture, nutrition and exercises. And of course to treat Trigger Point pain properly, you need a mixture of techniques – including Myofascial Release techniques.


Bottom line: don’t let pain vampires rule your life and suck you dry.

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