MRI Scans and Diagnosis - What do Scans Show?

MRI Scans and Diagnosis – What do Scans Show?


This is a surprising fact – people with MRI scans that show damage are no more or less likely to have pain.  So, if they aren’t able to predict pain, what are MRI scans best at showing?

In this video, I go over the main reason why you would need to have an MRI scan.

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Jan Shelton October 7, 2010

Dear Dr.
I had plica removal and meniscus surgury in both knees. Ive never really fully recovered. Now I experience alot of muscle pain in I.T. Band and quads Im currently seeing a massage therapist and accupunturist. Nothing is helping. somedays are worse than others but i wonder if i should get an MRI? could it be a gate problem?
Hope I hear from you.
Yours truly
Jan Shelton

Elaine Shenk Wampler July 19, 2011

Dear Jonathan:
In Apr. 2008 I had C3-5 Surgery w/titanium bars. In Apr. 2010 I had T10-L5 w/titanium bars on ea. side of spine. In Mar. of this year I had C6=T1 surgery w/titanium bars. I have Osteo Arthritis and my spine is a mess. I am 72 yrs. old and had a fabulous neurosurgeon. C2 is in trouble but he hesitates to work on it as it would be a morbid situation. Needless to say, I do have a dull pain regularly. I will probably be put on Methotrexate in a few months, What diet, exercises, etc. would you suggest for me?
Elaine Wampler

Arlene Chavez July 7, 2012

Dr. Kuttner:

Can a ligament strain be possibly helped by trigger point therapy. Lately, I’ve experienced a pop sensation in my knee area, no pain but I know it’s a warning to look into it. I found a pain point in my knee and I am wondering if I learned trigger therapy maybe it would help. I really am asking only is it possible trigger point therapy help diagnosed ligament strains. Thank you. Mrs. Chavez

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