Using Nutrition to Change Brain Chemistry & Get Chronic Pain Relief

Today’s masterclass is with Julia Ross. Julia is the author of “The Mood Cure: The 4-Step Program to Take Charge of Your Emotions—Today, and the upcoming book The Craving Cure.”

Julia has worked in the fascinating intersection between nutrition and psychotherapy for more than 25 years.

She has founded seven successful integrative treatment programs in the San Francisco Bay Area. Julia is the director of The Nutritional Therapy Institute Clinic, and the virtual clinics for food cravings and insomnia. She has also taught at Universities throughout the USA as well as appearing on national TV and radio.

In this talk we’re going to explore Julia’s nutrition based solution to emotions like anxiety, stress and depression which negatively affect your life.

We will learn more about:

  • What role does serotonin in mood? And GABA?
  • What causes serotonin deficiency?
  • Side effects of drugs and where they fit into the treatment of depression and anxiety
  • Role of amino acids
  • Four Steps of the Mood Cure
  • What should you eat?
  • What should you not eat?
  • How to break the cycle of pain causing anxiety and depression?

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