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Strategy to Prevent Sciatica While Driving


In this video, I describe the strategy I used to get to work pain-free when I was getting over pain caused by my hang gliding crash. The practices I developed to prevent sciatica while driving proved very effective. These days, I probably don’t even need to employ this strategy, but I do because when I practice it, I arrive at work feeling rested and focused.

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One of the things that I used to dread was getting in the car and doing a long drive. So I worked out a whole set of techniques to prevent pain and sciatica while driving.

The big point is that all throughout the day as you do your in motion practice, if you wait for pain to be the trigger that gets you practicing, you’re behind the ball game. Because as the pain turns on, you’re trying to do something to turn it off. That’s good and that’s super important, but if you know that there’s a certain me or a certain activity where your pain comes on, then you can plan to reduce.

In fact,the real key is to prevent your pain from coming on.

What I do before I get ready to drive is to start earlier than I need to. It’s a 40 minute drive, and before I going, I put a sticker as a reminder on my keys.  As I look at the sticker, I would breathe and pause and do a little visualisation.

My go-to visualisation is looking at visualising the area that is not painful. I had pain primarily on one side of my back and my butt, but often spread down my leg, similar to sciatic pain. So I would imagine an area above it which is pain-free. I would focus my attention there and use that as a guide to teach my painful area how I wanted it to feel.

I do the visualising and breathing together. It’s a prequel, pre-practice. Everything is integrated. I used this to break what used to be a painful experience and turn it into something which is pleasant – something I look forward to.

As I arrive, I practice my getting out swinging the legs around, surging out of there. Now this surging is my natural movement practice. I stick my one foot under, slide, and move, and then I’m at work.

Whereas previously I would be in pain and then getting out of the car was a mission, this natural movement makes it easy. I do this all now just kind of as a practice. It still gives me pleasure in the morning and I don’t have sciatica while driving. In fact, it may well be that I don’t have to do this practice any more. I do it anyway though because it makes a great beginning to my day.

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