Get Your Life Back from Chronic Pain by Becoming the Master of Your Own Pain System…

It's time to get back in the driver's seat of your life, and take control of your journey out of chronic pain. 

If you’ve been living with chronic pain for any length of time, then you’ve probably already tried many things to get rid of it.

Painkillers are the obvious place to start.

After a while, when that doesn’t work, you look around for other treatments…

...and it turns out, there really aren’t that many options for you. Certainly none with a high rate of success in cases like yours, anyway.

So maybe you try alternative therapy for a while, or physical therapy, or even surgery.

As time passes without any real, lasting improvement, you get more and more desperate to make the pain stop.

Yet somehow, one day, you find yourself sitting in your doctor’s office, nodding quietly while they tell you there’s very little they can do.

You’re advised to rest when you can, keep taking painkillers, and do your best not to think about the pain.

But it’s still there, no matter how much you try to ignore it. It’s real, it hurts, and you can tell it isn’t going to go away on its own.

It isn’t just a physical problem, either. The pain is an invisible attack that drains your energy, clouds your mind, pushes your emotions all over the place, and continually threatens to spoil some of your most precious moments.

It’s like you’re being bullied by your own body.

And you’re expected to just live with this? To give up hope, grit your teeth, and soldier on regardless?

That isn’t living.

I should know — I suffered from chronic pain for more than 7 years before I found a way to beat the pain and get my life back.

The Day I Almost Died (And Chronic Pain Took Over My Life)

I love what many people consider “extreme” or “adrenalin” sports. Always have; always will.


But one fateful day, 20 years ago, I went hang gliding at one of my favourite spots during winds that — in hindsight — were much faster and more powerful than I could handle.

In mid-flight, I made a foolish, split-second decision about which direction to take when the wind picked up even stronger. And that decision came close to costing me my life.

In fact, I can say in all truthfulness that it did cost me huge chunks of my life. It cost me my happiness, my mobility, my comfort, my sleep, my enjoyment of simple things like spending time with my family.


If you’ve experienced chronic pain, then you already know that you don’t have to be dying to feel like your life’s been stolen away from you.

So when I tell you that crashing from a height of about 50 feet straight into the ground didn’t kill me, you know. You know that isn’t the end of the story.

I was lucky to be alive, with my dislocated shoulders and collarbone, herniated disc, and other injuries. And for a while, I really did feel lucky.

But months later, although most of my aches and pains had faded away, my lower back pain wasn’t following them into the sunset. It stubbornly hung on, insisting that I should suffer daily agony because of that long-ago injury.

By this point, I was stuffed with painkillers, and the only thing that got me through the week in my work as a family doctor was the knowledge that I could collapse at the weekend.

Even when the pain wasn’t so bad, I didn’t dare to do anything too active or exciting, because I knew I’d pay for it with more pain later on.

Stuck in this condition with no end in sight, I went from being a fit, healthy hang-gliding addict to a withdrawn, depressed creature who was afraid to do a little light gardening.

I suffered with my chronic pain for more than 7 years. But now, I’m pain free.


Because I finally discovered the REASON why nothing worked to cure my pain...

Chronic Pain is Not Like Normal Pain

If you have chronic pain, it’s because your pain system isn’t working normally.

Your pain won’t go away because pain messages are whizzing around in your nervous system even when there’s nothing wrong ― it’s a false alarm.


It took me a long time to come to this realisation. Of course, as a doctor, I was aware of the basic diagnostic differences between chronic pain (which lingers on long after it should’ve healed) and acute pain (which goes away within a few weeks)...

...but I had no idea about all the other things that make chronic pain an entirely separate category of medical condition, requiring very different treatment techniques if you want a hope in heck of actually curing the problem.

I tripped over the answer to my chronic pain almost by accident.

One day, I realised that my pain had been almost non-existent for the whole time I was fully focused on my work. But I’d been in pain all evening, literally from the moment I left the clinic.

After mulling over that fact for a while, I was forced to conclude that my chronic pain wasn’t just caused by spine damage. There was something else going on in my pain system.


From that moment, I started to look deeper into how our perceptions and actions influence our experiences of pain. And I discovered that what makes it possible for you to beat chronic pain is the same thing that allowed your pain system to get so messed up in the first place

...a phenomenon within your nervous system, called neuroplasticity.

There are several different ways this phenomenon can happen, but I won’t go into the science behind it too deeply right now. Because what’s important is what neuroplasticity means for someone like you, who has chronic pain.

So here’s the shortest, simplest explanation of how neuroplasticity works:


Whatever we repeatedly focus on, the neural pathways for that thing get faster and stronger.


That means that if you have agonising pain (which, naturally, gets a fair amount of your attention and focus) then your pain pathways are strengthened a little more each time you experience and focus on the pain.

And if you’ve experienced chronic pain for months or years, your nervous system has had lots of practice at sending and responding to pain signals... so by now, it’s really good at it.


Unfortunately for you, those pain signals happen to be wrong. But they’ve become amplified all the same!

The good news is that you can use neuroplasticity to reverse the process — by consistently practicing a handful of simple techniques that help you to strengthen new neural pathways.


This is THE most effective way to de-sensitise your nervous system and de-amplify your chronic pain.

I did it myself, and I’ve taught hundreds of my students and patients to do it too.

Evidence-Based Techniques for Overcoming Chronic Pain

NeuroMind techniques are a set of mind-body practices that you repeat, over and over, until they become habitual. It really is that simple.

Thanks to the processes of neuroplasticity, by the time you’ve formed these new habits through consistent practice, you will also have reset your pain system to behave normally again. Which means no more chronic pain.

Now, you might be thinking that this sounds too good to be true. Transforming your chronic pain by practicing techniques at home sounds like a fantasy that can’t possibly have any basis in reality.

However, there's a science base for why this works, and I've proven it not just with myself, but with other people in Life After Pain. 

My name is Jonathan Kuttner, and I’m a doctor specialising in pain treatment. I’ve been helping patients with pain problems for more than 17 years now. I founded a company called Life After Pain to help more people learn these techniques, (and I wrote a bestselling book with the same name.)

Below are a few of stories from people who've tried our methods, in their own words.

Real Life Results

"Happy to be pain-free!"

"Happy to be pain-free! Naomi and Jonathon, I am so grateful for the course and the supportive community you've created. I'm happy to report that I'm pain-free and other areas of my life have improved, too. My mental outlook is completely different. My energy has increased and even PMS symptoms are greatly diminished. I am happy to be on the mend. Thank you!"

Lisa Ashburn

" to live my life again"

Amazing! I don't have to rely on my chiropractor and Reiki/Massage Therapist and Accupuncturist so much. I can manage my own pain!! I have not felt this good in about six or more years. I can control my pain and am now walking two miles a day ...This has given me my life back...

"I am able to live my life again and am finally travelling in a few weeks."

Eileen Herceg-Brown

"Best pain management process out there"

"I'd like to add that I think this is the best pain management process out there because it's multifaceted. It presents strategies for immediate physical relief (trigger point therapy) but also many mind-body techniques that are at the root of the problem. And Jonathan's videos are so claiming, relaxing and hopeful."

AnneMarie Connolly

"Incredible information..."

"Hi Jonathan. The club content is fantastic, with incredible information on a range of topics....Just viewing your instruction videos has enabled me to assist my wife as her right shoulder and arm ceased up on her and she was in extreme pain."

Bob Hatibovich

"This is the first significant reduction in my pain that's not been drug based since my pain started. Ah what a glorious feeling."

Simon Leonard

"There is definitely body mind connection and personally, when I have accepted the cause and effect of pain in my mind, I am able to look positively at ways to get rid of it and it has WORKED!”."

Dolly Mani

Now I’m offering to teach you the same techniques, so that you can experience the same transformation:

The Master Your Pain System Program

If you’re ready to join me, you’ll enter into a step-by-step training and coaching program to learn exactly how to reset your pain system and get your life back from chronic pain.


In this program, you’ll work your way through comprehensive video lessons, have a live group call with me and your fellow students once a week, all with one focus: to use NeuroMind techniques to change your pain.

There are 5 separate stages to the program. Here’s what happens at each stage..

Stage 1: Reprogram Your Pain System

You'll start your journey by figuring out your pain type and doing our 30-day System Reset.

Stage 2: Customise your Pain Relief

After your System Reset, you'll choose techniques from the NeuroMind Library and start applying them.

Stage 3: Explore the Bigger Picture

Now you're ready to uncover the hidden habits that cause pain flares, and unmask your inner saboteur.

Stage 4: Get Physical

At this stage, you'll focus on moving freely again, building core strength, and getting plenty of restorative sleep every night.

Stage 5: Come Back to Life

Finally, it's time to shift your focus from getting better to getting on with life - restarting old hobbies and social activities, or trying new ones. Design the life you want to live, and live it!

While you progress through those 5 stages of the Master Your Pain System Program, you’ll learn:

  • What it means to ‘live in the amygdala’ and why breaking this habit will bring you instant calm - no matter what
  • Why the length of time you’ve been in pain has much less influence on your recovery than you might think
  • What a group of sleep deprived medical students taught us about recovering from chronic pain
  • How to replace pain messages with other messages of your choosing (if you have a burning desire to get your life back, this lesson is for you!)
  • How trigger points tie into chronic pain (and the surprising truth about a top-down approach to treating them)
  • Which activities prompt your body to release endorphins, your own natural pain killers that reduce pain and stress from the inside out
  • How to reawaken the pain free pathways already laid down in your brain, and reverse the pain sensitisation process
  • The secret to getting the deep, healing sleep your body needs (Hint: it isn’t medication, fancy gadgets, or expensive new bedding)
  • How to identify the perfect combination of NeuroMind techniques for you to get the best results in the shortest time
  • Plus a whole lot more!

My students tell me that joining this program is the best decision they’ve ever made for their pain. Here’s a small sample of the messages I’ve received from people who’ve used our methods:

"Can’t speak highly enough about the care and professional expertise offered"

"Hello LAP staff, It is a testament to Jonathon and Naomi’s work that I’m now in a position to cancel my subscription to the club. It has been a great help and the input from Jonathon & Naomi have been both personal and significantly helpful. I have purchased Dr J’s book and followed it carefully.

"Over the past years I have purchased most of his on-line courses. So I have those to keep me going if needed. It was the info in the book that clicked with me and has helped me out of my pain and pain flares of 7 years. The club has been very supportive and I can’t speak highly enough about the care and professional expertise offered here, along with an insight into other people’s experiences with pain.

"Now 6 months after my last significant pain flare and 6 months of being in the club, I find I no longer need the support at that level...I’m now ready to return to a more regular life. Being in the club been a highly beneficial experience for me. ...It has been wonderful to ‘meet’ so many other lovely, kind, caring people as members of the club, all of whom have contributed to my recovery."

Carol Newton

"Taken up hiking and climbing mountains"

"I purchased your life after pain course about 18 months ago? I'm now pain free after four years. This course, after trying many other alternatives, saved my life. I not only have my body back, but also my mind. Thanks you for sharing this valuable information with others.

"I am recommending this course to others suffering from chronic pain and who are willing to put in the effort to get their life back. By the way, that is what caught my attention about this course. Jonathan said it won't be a quick fix but that after several weeks I could be taught to "turn the pain down."

"What's a few weeks when you've had years of constant pain I thought. And it delivered its promise right on time. I felt a gradual improvement and for the first time in years I felt in control of my pain and that was life changing. I'm now 56 and taken up hiking and climbing mountains. I'm pain free except for what is usual. Pain is now my friend not the enemy."

Donna Westerdaal

So if you feel ready to finally take control and change your pain, I would love to have you join me in the Master Your Pain System Program.

Of course, you do have other options…


You could keep on buying prescriptions and painkillers for the rest of your life. That’s a pricey option that will never completely resolve the problem, but it’s your call.

You could pin your hopes on the latest trend in alternative therapy. It won’t necessarily work at all, but you could give it a try for a few hundred - or a few thousand - dollars.

You could dive deep into the medical system, consult a bunch of expensive specialists, and hope they don’t just tell you there’s nothing they can do (after they’ve drained your bank account).


You could even do nothing at all. That’s a valid option, and you know what you can expect from it: nothing.

Or, you could join our program and put yourself in the driver's seat of regaining your health. If you're like most people with chronic pain, you've tried many treatments where other people are going to fix you.

One thing you may not have tried is taking steps to fix yourself, by treating the root causes of so much of chronic pain: your pain system itself. 

Questions? Here Are the Answers...

What will I actually be doing in the Master Your Pain System Program?

You’ll study the video lessons at your own pace, learning about the full range of NeuroMind techniques and how to use them to reset your system and experience life with less pain. You’ll commit to practicing the exercises you learn in the program, consistently and mindfully. Every week, you’ll also meet with Jonathan and the group online for a live coaching call.

What time are the weekly calls?
Calls are 4:30pm EST each week on a Sunday afternoon. Here’s that time in a few other timezones. If you can’t make a call, the recording is posted up so you can listen shortly after. 

What do I need in order to use this course? 

You’ll need a device with an internet connection so that you can watch the lesson videos and join in the weekly calls. To access the private online community, you’ll also need a Facebook account.

What if I have a pre-existing condition with ongoing treatment? 

You can do these techniques alongside any other treatments or medications you usually do. We’re not asking you to stop any other treatment. These techniques work on your pain system, so doing them will not interfere with any other treatments you’re currently receiving.

What if I’m in pain and can’t move my (whatever body part)?  

NeuroMind techniques are primarily mental exercises that don’t necessarily require you to move a specific body part. Any techniques that do involve movement can be adapted to suit your needs. That said, in this program we do  encourage you to move the parts that hurt, because gentle movement is necessary for your recovery from pain.


Will this work for me, even if...? 

The thing is, once your pain system is sensitised, that becomes a separate issue which needs to be treated by itself. If you have other primary causes of pain (like arthiritis, auto-immune diseases, or structural instabilities) they also need to be treated by a qualified health practitioner. 

However, once your pain system is sensitised, you can fix the other causes...and still have pain. That's where this program comes in. 

What if it doesn’t work for me? 

This is always the big question, especially if you've been in pain for a long time. The thing is, this program only works if you do. It is possible to transform your pain system, and we have case studies to prove it. What we don't know is how diligently you'll apply this process, and how long it will take you to get measurable results. 

What we can guarantee is that if you carry doing the things the way you've always done them, you'll continue to get the same results. 

This is a program that requires focus and long term commitment on your part. Which is why all sales are final. I don't want you to enter into this lightly without thinking it through carefully. 

Don’t Wait Too Long...

The Master Your Pain System Program is designed to lift you up from the dark corner you’re currently trapped in with your pain, and walk you along the path to freedom - out into a world where you can confidently do the things you want to, and trust your body to work with you instead of against you.

So if you want to experience a life where pain is no longer the first thing on your mind (and the last thing you dwell on before falling asleep)...where you don’t struggle to remember the last time you went a full week without pain… where you get to enjoy the things you love without reservation, without compromise, without fear…

Then I really hope you’ll join me in the Master Your Pain System Program so that we can get started right away!

The training takes most people about 12 weeks to complete, however when you enrol in this program you get much, much more than just the training itself:

  • Lifetime access to all of the NeuroMind Program lessons and resources
  •  12 weeks of group coaching calls with Dr Jonathan Kuttner
  • 12 weeks access to a private online community with your fellow students

With all of this on your side, I have no doubt that you can greatly improve your quality of life. 

So click the button below to join today.

Join the Master Your Pain
System Program Today

$697 $347 USD

It's time to take your health into your hands.

From Life After Pain Students:

Join the Master Your Pain
System Program Today

$697 $347 USD

 "May the next few months be a period of magnificent transformation.” 

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