Pain Free Movement for Neck Pain

Overcoming the Wall of Pain (Natural Movement for Neck Pain)

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This is a beautiful way of combining natural movement with a mind body technique to make movements that have always been painful – become pain free.

For this lady – every time she turned to the left past a few degrees – her neck hurt. She described it as encountering ‘a wall of pain.’ In the video below we’ll explore an exercise we used to give her pain free rotation of her neck – for the first time in many years.

Do you have similar movements that always hurt? Can you see a way to use this same technique to create a pain free movement for this area? (And then make it habitual.)

Because when people have been in pain for any length of time – it’s natural to start to adapt their movements to avoid pain.

For instance – if getting up out of a chair usually hurts, then every time you get up out of a chair you tense up, brace yourself and do through this movement slowly and cautiously – bracing for the inevitable pain.

However – there’s a danger that this unnatural way of moving can become part of the problem.

When you move in an unnatural way, you’re tensing muscles that don’t need to be tensed and straining other muscles so they can’t function as they were meant to.

Many times I’ve had to coach people through movements like standing up, sitting down, rolling over (to get out of bed) and walking.

These movements have caused them pain for a long time so they’ve developed some extraordinary ways to do them. And now this unnatural way of moving has become an invisible – but painful – habit.

I’ve found – almost without exception – that when they revisit their original natural way of moving, they’re able to rediscover pain free movement that they’d forgotten existed.


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Edward Jarvis April 4, 2016

The smile you have when describing how this technique worked for your patient makes me want to try it tomarrow on mine.

LP April 4, 2016

This reminded me of Feldenkrais method I use for movement. It is always good to learn new stuff. You have taught me so much, thank you. I wished I had someone like you in the states by me.

Phebe April 4, 2016

Dr. Kuttner,
It is always a pleasure watching your videos and reading your articles, when I can spare the time. Your passion for your work shines through every time and your knowledge on the subject is always precise and correct. Thank you for sharing your invaluable knowledge over the years.


[…] Overcoming the Wall of Pain (Natural Movement for Neck Pain) […]

Muhammed ali May 2, 2016

This is fantastic technical point and i will use this on my patients
Please share somethings to adjust the bad posture of back

CAROLE DEONNE May 26, 2016

I was amazed that your suggestion eased my neck pain, however, the neck pain is on the my left, so I used my right food. My left shoulder, arm and left wrist is also in pain. Thanks for your suggestions.

pat June 6, 2016

I have no neck pain but dizziness in turning head to left. Diagnosed as muscle spasm in neck. Could your treatment help stop muscle spasm?

Ken Harman June 24, 2016

I agree that the dizziness is probably a trigger point problem, probably in the neck or the trapezius area. Dig around for extra sore spots, and make sure you first try the scalene muscles in the neck. Also, make sure you keep well hydrated. I use Ionized alkaline micro clustered water from an Enagic machine. I had to work my way thru a spell of dizziness once too, and this is what helped me the most.

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Winifred August 18, 2016

well i tried this and lo and behold it worked for my neck pain.. i was able to just turn my head and neck .. i did it slowly and am now going to try it out on other parts of the body .. thank you Jonathan..

Coskun Toktamis February 20, 2017

I am a very avid follower of your videos I suffer from cute neck pain as you have describe about that lady.

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