Vitamin D – Are You Getting Enough to Stop Muscle Pain?

This is an excerpt from an interview I did with my good friend and colleague Dr. Ian Wallbridge. In the video below we discuss Vitamin D – the sunshine vitamin, and the vital role it has to play in general wellbeing and muscle pain.

We’ve both seen the effects of vitamin D deficiency in our patients.  We’ve also both seen some excellent results in patients with wide spread pain who have increased their vitamin D levels and reduced their pain.

Links: Vitamin D Council

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raphaelle June 20, 2011

Hi Dr Kuttner,

I am hearing impaired and cannot understand the video. I’d be so grateful if you could reply the two questions:
– what is a safe supplement dose of D-vitamin?
– should supplementation be stopped in the summer if one is exposed to the sun?

Thank you and have a good day!

Marg June 21, 2011

Hi Dr Kuttner
Vitamin D is something I never think about. In fact, after having spent a great amt of time in the sun when I was younger, I actually go out of my way to avoid the sun now.
Your video interview with Dr Wallbridge on the importance of Vit D gave me an understanding of the importance of direct sunlight on the skin and that it is ok to do it.
Thank you.

christina morrison June 28, 2011

i just signed up for your course and received lesson one. i read it quickly and was ready immediately ready for lesson two. but nothing came and it has been several days. thanks for your help.

    Jonathan June 28, 2011

    Hello Christina – try checking your junk mail folder – the emails may have been caught by your mail spam filter

Jan Cole July 14, 2011

Jonathan, Thank you for this information. In the video I could not make out the measure of units you were speaking of. Here in the US the measure is in ng/ml. Is that what Dr Wallbridge was speaking of? My vit D, 25-OH total is 71 with supplementation of 2,000 iu of vit D3, daily. Jan

Chandrika Rao July 26, 2011

Thanks for all the information – it has been very useful. I suffered from Piriformis cramping , which was debilitating and affected my normal life. I could not exercise or do Yoga. My Vit D level was 12.5 6 ng weeks ago, and i am on 60K units weekly since then. The pain has gone now with that and Physiotherapy to get rid of trigger points.
Please tell me if over exercising muscles without adequate rest results in this condition and how much is Vit D deficiency responsible ? How do i prevent a relapse ?

Naomi Kuttner July 30, 2011

Hi there – this is Naomi – the tech support for this site. Jonathan Kuttner’s away for the next week or so – visiting family in Canada. He’ll get back to the comments here soon though.

Best Regards

Caroline August 25, 2011

Hi Jonathan

I have so many tigger points on my back…that I can almost guarantee that they will be the most you have seen..!…probably not..!
So pleased after a long search on the net to find you are in NZ here
After having to escape from Ch Ch x 3 times after the quakes…my whole muscular skeletal system seems pretty shot…but am working on it…and will look forward to hopefully getting up to see you soonish…

Aren’t we lucky having you here…:)


Donna October 23, 2011

I do not wish to scare people, but a recent experience with vit D made me very ill, and would be very cautious when it came to taking vit D.
As this is a fat soluble vitamin, it is stored in the body, and can actually result in poisoning [in some people…like it did with me!].
Some people find vit D very beneficial, but it is not something you just “pop” without knowing that it can cause adverse reactions [in some people]… even in its lowest dose, (so do be aware of any weird symptoms!)
This is a very good site which outlines the toxic effects:

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