Take Control of Your Health - If You Don't, No One Will

Your Health – If You Don’t Do This, No One Will

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frodo-and-the-ringI was watching the Lord of the Rings the other day – the last movie in the trilogy. There’s this part near the end when Frodo – the main hero – is battling against tremendous odds to accomplish his task. He’s exhausted, afraid, hungry and close to despair.

And you hear this voice over saying  ‘this task was appointed to you Frodo…If you do not find a way, no one will.

This got me thinking. In life there are many tasks appointed to us – by ourselves or by others. And we seldom think of our own health and well being as a task. But it is – a vital one.

And – if you do not find a way to own and take control of your health, no one else will.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t seek help from every quarter when you have a health issue. But healing is always a two way process. There’s the medic, or physician, or chiropracter – and then on the other side – there’s you.

And what you bring to the table is crucial to getting better.

You bring: your understanding: do you understand what the problem is and what you can do to accelerate your healing?

Your attitude: do you feel positive towards your body and encourage its healing?

Your action: do you do the things you need to in order to give your body the best shot at getting better – whether it’s good nutrition, exercise, relaxation practice or taking your medication regularly?

In the end, expecting to be ‘fixed’ just doesn’t work. There’s always some part that you need to do. And no one else can do this for you. It’s once you realise and take responsibility for this that things get – not easier exactly. But clearer.

When I had back pain for years, I medicated myself (haphazardly) and generally tried to ignore or berate my body when it gave me pain. But one day I decided that really, this task was mine, and if I didn’t find a way to fix it, no one would.

This started me on a quest. I tried a variety of approaches until one finally worked. And it was the clarity that came from truly owning the problem of my back pain that gave me the crucial insight. It was the mind body connection that was the key to understanding – and then ending – my chronic back pain.

The key for everyone is different, and for some people there may be no one thing but a variety of factors that combine to give a better quality of life and some degree of control over chronic pain. But the first step is realising that you are the one in charge – the final arbiter, the captain and CEO of your own health.

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L Olsen December 19, 2013

So what did you finally find that eased your back pain? Also, I totally agree with this article (and not just because I’m a LOTR fan). I’m on a quest right now to stop drinking so much caffeine. I’m currently suffering the withdrawal headaches, but I know that when I don’t depend on caffeine to keep me awake, my body will do it for me 🙂

Julie Donnelly December 24, 2013

I agree, if we don’t take care of ourselves, who else will. We can’t count on our foods being as nutritious as they were back before chemicals became a part of our diet, and working at computers (and therefore sitting for hours and hours) has definitely put a crimp in exercise, yet the only person who can rectify these problems is US!

Untying the knots that hold our muscles bound (trigger points) and then safely stretching will eliminate so much pain and stiffness that many people will be able to give up anti-inflammatory medications and pain pills. What a wonderful situation – plus the pain either greatly lessens, or completely disappears.

Cheers to Dr. Kuttner for sharing this information with the world!

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