How to Practice Stoicism – Professor William B Irvine

Professor William Irvine is one of the foremost modern experts on Stoicism, and this interview is on how to practice Stoicism. Irvine is a Professor of Philosophy at Wright State University, author of ‘A Guide to the Good Life’ and writer at 21st Century Stoic.

We’re going to explore how Stoicism can help us face challenges like chronic pain and live well despite them.
Listen to the interview to discover:

  • Common misconception about stoic philosophy
  • How do you act towards things outside your control
  • Simple technics to prevent the onset of negative emotions
  • How do you accept things as they are
  • How not to worry about things you can’t control

Professor Irvine’s book.

William Irvine’s site.

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Helen April 5, 2017

Fascinating interview. Thanks Naomi!


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