“It’s Who I Am…” or the Story of the Frog & the Scorpion

Linville_River-27527There’s an old fable of a scorpion and a frog. The scorpion wants to get across the river, and the frog offers to take him – on the condition that the scorpion doesn’t sting him.

They start swimming across the river, the scorpion perched on the frog’s back.

They’re half way across when the scorpion stings the frog.

“Why did you do that?” gasped the frog. “Now we’re both going to die.”

“It’s just who I am,” responded the scorpion.

Have you ever accepted a situation as set? As in ‘it’s just who I am – this is why I do these things – or these things happen to me.”

This happens in chronic pain a lot. People get a bad back pain. It stops them from doing the things they love. And – day by day, they accept that this who they are – someone who can’t be active, can’t do sport, can’t…the list goes on.

Well, I have news for you.

The ‘this is just who I am’ may be true in the rest of the animal kingdom (though I doubt it.) I know for sure it’s not true of human beings.

Our identity – who we are – who we BELIEVE we are – is determined by one person – us.

This means that if accept an identity where you aren’t able to do the things you want to – that becomes your reality.

It ALSO means that when you refuse to accept this reality – and start actively looking for ways to change it – you can.

It starts with a simple statement: ‘I, [your name] am an active person. I choose now to do [the thing you want to do] every day because that is who I am.

Repeat this now – and put in your name and the thing you want to do.

Now – if you’re recovering from back surgery and you want to run a marathon, I’m not suggesting that with one positive statement you now throw away your walking stick and begin your 26 miles.

However – how you behave in the next few months as you recover has more to do with your perception of yourself than anything else. Your perception will govern what actions you do – or do not do.

You daily action could be ‘practicing natural movement’ or ‘doing one wall squat.’

And you could gradually increase this daily movement as you gain in strength.

But it all starts with how you view yourself – as an active vibrant person – it comes from your core identity. And that is something only you have the power to change.

I’ll let you in on a secret.

Although life will always throw curve balls your way, although injuries may temporarily upset you and take you from your chosen path, you have the power to choose your reaction to these events.

You have the power to right yourself and continue on your way with renewed vigour.

So let’s try this statement again: ‘I, [your name] am an active person. I choose now to do [your chosen exercise] every day because that is who I am.

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