How your greatest strength can work against you to create chronic pain (and how to defeat this.)

Click the play button below to listen to the story of a lady who was able to end 5 years of chronic pain by lifestyle simple changes (NOT medication, surgery, magic supplements or secret enhanced probiotics.)

Press the ‘play button above to listen.

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Kay February 1, 2014

That is pretty much my story. Daily chronic pain for over 2 years, from an execise injury.

Thanks for sharing the story and message of hope!


Darien February 15, 2014

Dr John Sarno has been treating patients with this method for over 40 years. One day all Doctors will treat patients this way. We ALL have abnormal spines, some more than others. If abnormal spines (bulging discs, herniated discs, spurs etc) caused pain, then ALL the elderly would be in pain, but they are not.

Janet La Rochelle June 24, 2015

A powerful story and message! I work with many clients who decide to try an alternative approach after being told they need spinal surgery and often have very good results. I plan to forward Dr. Kuttner's site to them.

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