Dancing With Pain - a New Film on Healing Chronic Pain

Dancing With Pain – a New Film on Healing Chronic Pain

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Below is a trailer from the new film Dr Leora Kuttner (my sister) has produced on healing chronic pain. Dr Leora is a Canadian psychologist who specialises in helping children and teenagers manage pain in their daily life. These young people may have cancer, migraines or other chronic pain conditions .

She teaches hypnosis, acupressure, abdominal breathing and mind-body techniques to help her patients cope with anxiety and pain, as well as the injections and other hospital procedures that have become part of their daily experience.

Dancing with Pain Film Trailer

Dancing with Pain explores what it takes to heal from chronic pain through the stories of four teenagers and a dancer, who embodies their process. Pain is a deeply integrated experience of brain and body. Framed by animation of the central role of the brain’s central role in processing pain, this 20 minute film asks why does chronic pain persist, long after the injury has healed? Animation depicts how pain persists when pathways established in the brain continue to generate pain.

Four teenagers tell about coming to grips with different types of chronic pain, while the dancer dynamically embodies their struggles. Diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome, sickle cell disease, a facial injury and a shoulder trauma, the teens discuss their difficult path to diagnosis, their treatment therapies, social isolation, familial and school issues, and the roles that pain professionals play in helping them digging themselves out. Their process to healing chronic pain is not a straight line, but an uneven path, one that demands a total dedication to healing. “What does it take to recover?” Abbey asks — then adds “Everything!”

Directed and produced by Dr. Leora Kuttner, in collaboration with choreographer Judith Marcuse, edited by Mo Simpson with original music score by Hall Beckett and animations by Kim Palmer.

Available at BC Children’s Hospital Bookstore for $39 (Can)
www.bookstore.cw.bc.ca (604) 453-8335

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