6 Things Every Bodyworker Should Try at Least Once

Over the years my viewpoint on how we heal has changed. And this means that my the treatments I use have changed as well. Below is a list of 6 things you should try (at least once) when you’re treating people with chronic pain:

  1. Try explaining to your patient how pain works – the path it travels in your body to your brain, and how (through convergence) it gets mixed with other signals, leading to a mismatch between the damage our body has, and the pain we feel
  2. Get your patient to show you how they normally sit to work, drive or eat. Give them a few basic principles of posture, and how they can self-check for good posture
  3. Describe the kinetic chain, and get them thinking about how they construct their movements – what is the minimum number of muscles they will engage in a simple movement?
  4. Explain about the core – and give them some very easy core muscle strengthening exercises to do each day
  5. For some very specific (open minded) patients, describe the mind body connection, how it works, and how they can start to bend it to their own advantage
  6. For an injury, take 5-10 minutes explaining exactly how that structure in their body normally works, and what has gone wrong with it. I find that when I see the light of understanding in my patients’ eyes, they get a whole new empowered way of dealing with their injury.

All these things have ‘explain’ or ‘get them thinking’ in them. You see – for me, I’ve found over the years that half the battle is won not in my patient’s body, but in their mind. How they think about using their body, how they think about healing, this is what makes all the difference.

Here’s where to find out more about the Mind Body Connection

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