Frozen Shoulder Treatments

This story is about a guy I treated a while ago who had a frozen shoulder. True Frozen Shoulder – or adhesive capsulitis – is a strange and extremely painful condition.

It’s entirely different from rotator cuff problems – as different as the common cold is from a serious ‘flu that puts you out of commission for a week.

It’s a very particular condition. So it’s very important to recognise and know exactly what a frozen shoulder is – and what it’s not.

This is because if you try to treat a true frozen shoulder with any of the techniques normally used for shoulder pain, they will at best do nothing, and at worst hugely increase the pain.

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Maria Miller March 30, 2015

dr kuttner is excellent

Loukia April 10, 2015

Just a thought I had a client the other day telling me the Doctor said he has calcium build up in his shoulder joint and needs injections .Could trigger point treatment help her movement of the arm?

Thanking You

    barbara July 23, 2019

    this is what I had through extreme overuse, surgeon had never seen anything like it!
    I had an operation with a long needle( just somewhat more painful then the actual screaming pain i already had) and they aplied cortosteroide in it to bust up the calcium.
    next day I had some movement and the day after,..etc.
    I went to physical therapy to build up the upper shoulder ligament which was heavily inflamed because of it, plus I did some other body therapies on it, like building up the muscles by electrical input…I feel strong again after only three month…it’s a difficult thing to treat I think!

Marcelo July 25, 2016

Dr. Kutter, I like so much the explications that you share with us, please continue help us through your treatment and please may you teaching us step by step

Purnima July 26, 2016

So how did you treat this patient with adhesive capusilitis

nen sorensen July 29, 2016

i did not get to hear the rest of the treatment

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