Fibromyalgia Medication List – Fibro Series Part 5

In this segment – the Fibromyalgia Medication List :

  • Paradex treatment
  • Codine – risks and benefits and dosage
  • Tramadol – varied results
  • Morphine, Fentanyl Patches and Oxycodone – large risks and little benefit. Not suitable for fibromyalgia pain relief, and carry the risk of hyperalgesia
  • Gabapentin, Amitriptyline and Nortriptyline – some good evidence
  • Cymbalta – some good evidence of pain reduction and quality of life, restorative sleep
  • The importance of choosing the right dose – this is crucial
  • Non-evidenced based / alternative treatments: Ayervedic, Bowen, Reflexology, Colostrum

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