How Viruses and Vaccines Work – Antipodes Talk #5

Can a vaccine be ready in 18 months or less?

Right now, there’s a lot of talk about vaccines. They are been spoken of as the silver bullet, the knight in shining armour that will come and rescue us all. 

So, with all the leading medical companies and educational institutes working on a Covid-19 vaccine, why are most estimates still sitting at 18 months? 

And why are the few companies promising a vaccine by September so controversial?

To get full picture, it’s important to first understand how viruses work, how vaccines are made, and the checks and balances needed for a safe, effective vaccine.

Because, unfortunately, anyone who’s been in the world for some time knows that silver bullets and knights in shining armour rarely work out to be quite so straight forward. 

Here’s the next Antipodes talk on Vaccines and Viruses:

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Gary Pepper April 11, 2020

Thank you Dr Kuttner. A good clear glimpse into a hugely complex subject.
A great follow up would be the cytokine storm.

Suada Jelic April 11, 2020

Thank you very much for this video. That was perfect explanation. That was very helpful for understending a bitt about this safisticating virus work and vaccine. At the same time you calmed my anxiety about this scary and crazy virus and impact on us and our scasiety. Please continue with this kined of videos

Isobel esther Miller April 11, 2020

Should you have them? I have never had them

Paul Olson April 12, 2020

This was very helpful. Thank you!

Jeff forssell April 12, 2020

I used to believe in vaccines = “ok some risk but worth it”
The more I have learned the less I believe the “safe and effective” dogma.

Unfortunately the “safety trials” done (by the manufacturers themselves!) do NOT use a real inert placebo. They try and give the impression by calling it for example “inactive placebo” where they maybe exclude the genomic part of the vaccine but include some or all of the other, so called, adjuvants, like aluminium compounds, and other additives. Or they use another vaccine as a “comparative” but that vaccine hasn’t been compared with a real placebo either. It’s like “We compared being shot with colt 45 with being shot with a Smith and Wesson pistol. There was no significant difference. So the Colt 45 is safe!”

This is a good documentation of the “vaccine safety trials”

Stay safe! Don’t get panicked by the virus news! Get plenty of vitamin C & D, some zinc could be good. If you or someone near-and-dear gets seriously sick, insist on trying to get Intravenous Vitamin C, ASAP. Probably easier to get in New Zealand after Allen Smiths close to death case in the swine flu, than in other countries.

    Jonathan Kuttner April 16, 2020

    Hi Jeff

    You make some really telling points. Companies that make vaccines are unique in that they are not responsible for the side effects that arise from the vaccine. The liability is carried by the government. In other words, we all pay for the complications that arise from vaccinations. I think this is highly questionable.

    Now, when you add in the huge pressure that everyone is putting on the regulators to produce a magical vaccine that will ‘solve all our problems’. Then you have a dangerous mix.

    As I described, a number of vaccine companies are forging ahead with untried genetic splicing techniques. Already the front runners are short-cutting the important safety steps. But why wouldn’t they? When they carry no liability and the winner can virtually print their own money.

    I am quietly almost as concerned about the vaccine race as I am about the coronavirus itself. I hope & pray that all goes well


Jean Myers April 12, 2020

Thank you so much for all of your information. I find it very informative and interesting. I appreciate you so much. Stay safe & well.

Miroslav April 14, 2020

Thanks a Lot Dr Kuttner. I love the way you are in detail and easy to follow.

I like to ask for your opinion. What will be the way to build our immune system. Or other way, what part of our internal body organs need to be improved as first in line that the Virus Will affect.
Thanks again

    Jonathan April 17, 2020

    Hi Miroslav

    That is a great question. If you look at Jeff’s comment above he gives some wonderful advice.

    Don’t panic- stay calm. There is good evidence that fear, anxiety and depression suppress the function of our immune system. In my next video I discuss how I have stayed calm during this pandemic. So, please watch it.

    Eat a healthy diet. Jeff suggests added Vitamin C & D. There is reasonable evidence that both improve immune function.

    Keep regular aerobic exercise.

    Keep in contact which your circle of friends and loved ones.

    There are herbs, fruits and vegetables which have been shown to improve your immunity. These include Turmeric, Ginger, Amla, blueberries, garlic, oranges, green tea and many others. There are many sites on the web that will give more comprehensive lists.

    Whether any of these will specifically help against coronavirus is unknown. However following all this advice is actually not that difficult and will help your general wellbeing.


Russell Bishop July 29, 2021

Hi there! I am an old friend. I have watched the wonderful videos about the viruses and vaccines. It seems these were filmed a while ago. I wonder what Dr Kuttner makes of the current situation, especially the safety and efficiency of the vaccine being rolled out in New Zealand.

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