Chi Running and Effortless Running Technique

danny-dreyerDanny Dreyer is the author of Chi Running– a revolutionary style of running, and Chi Walking. Danny has complete 40 ultra marathons since 1995, and so he has personally tested the authenticity of his running style.

In this interview we discuss how Danny developed this technique, how his study of Tai Chi influenced Chi Running, and then how he’s found ways to incorporate these principles into all aspects of movement  and posture.

You should try Chi Running if you:

  • would like to be able to run well into your old age
  • would like to improve your running form and have fewer injuries
  • would like to have a more philosophical approach to your running
  • would like to increase your overall health

Danny was a runner for years before he developed his running style. As he worked up to longer and longer distances, Danny realised that his running technique was holding him back and causing injuries.

In ChiRunning , Danny shares his insight into how to run in a body-friendly, effortless way. Instead of jarring the knees and hips, ChiRunning uses the deep power reserves in the core muscles. Danny then found a way to incorporate the economy of movement and grace of  T’ai Chi into running.

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Click here to find out more about ChiRunning in Danny’s Book: ChiRunning: A Revolutionary Approach to Effortless, Injury-Free Running

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