Antipodes Talks #1

This is the first in a series of talks I’ll be doing over the next however many weeks it takes for things to become somewhat normal again.

Right now, all of New Zealand is in lockdown, and this is one thing I thought we could produce at Life After Pain to help people in similar situations.

The first talk is on the best articles I’ve found thus far on containing the virus, and what things could look like over the next weeks and months.

The next talks…well, that’s up to you. Put your comments, questions, suggestions below the video, and let’s start a conversation.

Here’s the original article: The Hammer and the Dance

So – what are your thoughts? What should I talk about next? Any other questions? Leave them in the comments below…

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marinella poggi March 27, 2020

Thank you for interesting talk (from Italy)

Emily Burroughs March 27, 2020

Thanks for your video Jonathan, it was very interesting, and nice to have connection with the group through this means. However it makes me worried as in countries such as where I am, the UK and also others like America, we keep hearing we are on the same trajectory as Italy, we didn’t have the benefit of so much time to learn from and evaluate other countries experiences as for example New Zealand. So the chart you showed makes me really fearful, and I wondered where in the cycle you think our hammer came in and what the effect of that timing might be? I have good faith that our government have used the best scientific knowledge to guide them to try to do the best by everyone all the way through but it is difficult not to worry seeing these patterns and charts. Thank you, Emily

    Jonathan April 1, 2020

    Hi Emily
    I think most countries including UK & USA have instituted the hammer to some degree. They have also concentrated resources on different aspects. Like China completely isolated and closed down Wuhan- which only an authoritarion regime can. Korea tested++, contact traced and used strong isolation for people with disease. Both were equally successful.
    Time will tell whether what UK has done, will be successful. They certainly have a carefully thought out strategy.
    Unfortunately the USA’s response is fragmented. This comes from the top and the basic political structure of the USA.

Hugues Druart March 28, 2020

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for this talk and all your work in general.

I think it would be interresting to talk about new good habits we can begin during the lockdown and keep doing after it (stretching, relaxing, reading books, training to have a good breathing, training your dog…).

A way to get something positive from the situation.

Hugues (from Belgium).

Jackie March 28, 2020

Hi Jonathan,
Really great to hear you talking about this horrendous situation we find ourselves in. You explain things so well,so thank you so much.
It is so difficult to know exactly what you can do to protect yourselves as the information we hear is so conflicting! You said you are all staying in your home’s in New Zealand whilst here in the UK we are advised to go out for exercise. I walk 3miles every day!Thanks to you sorting my triggers and writing your book!) I live on the Moors and when I walk I stay well away from any other person however I am anxious that the virus can be carried along in the wind.My husband says it’s far more important to keep myself fit and healthy ( I had a heart operation 5 years ago) so that I maintain the good health I enjoy now.Walking is also good for my mental health too. So my question is :-
Why is 2 metres enough distance? Can this virus travel in the wind/ air?
Thank you Jonathan
Kind regards,
Stay safe


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