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Your journey out of chronic pain starts here. 

Finding your path out of chronic pain is hard enough already.

You shouldn’t have to do it alone. 

Studies have shown you're far more certain to heal and recover quickly from chronic pain when you're surrounded by a community of positive, sympathetic and supportive people who really ‘get it.’

No matter where you are in your journey back to pain-free life, we’re here to help you thrive. It’s time to nurture yourself while you learn the skills to turn down chronic pain and get back into living life on your own terms.

Hi, I'm Jonathan,

I'm a medical doctor and musculoskeletal pain specialist. After a hang gliding crash left me with seven years of back pain and sciatica, I had to use these techniques on myself.

I had to learn how to rewire my pain system and turn down pain sensitivity to get my life back, and now I want to share this knowledge with you.

It's up to you to decide what you really want this year. Maybe you want to get back to a sport or hobby you love. Maybe you want to spend more time with your kids or grandkids. Maybe you want to be able to travel with confidence, and not be so reliant on pain medications. 

Whatever your goal is, know that you're a lot closer than you think.

The keys to creating a much better quality of life for yourself are within reach…


The Life After Pain Community

The Life After Pain community is a place where we get together every week as a group on Zoom, and I teach my methods for turning down chronic pain - without drugs or surgery.  However, it's far more than that. 

It's a place where you can get support, share knowledge, and find inspiration, any time of day or night. It means you'll never be alone, and you can always get encouragement when you need it most. 

This group is a special place, and we’ve had some great results.

"This is the first significant reduction in my pain that's not been drug based since my pain started. Ah what a glorious feeling."

Simon Leonard, Community Member

" to live my life again"

Amazing! I don't have to rely on my chiropractor and Reiki/Massage Therapist and Accupuncturist so much. I can manage my own pain!! I have not felt this good in about six or more years. I can control my pain and am now walking two miles a day ...This has given me my life back...

"I am able to live my life again and am finally travelling in a few weeks."

Eileen Herceg-Brown

Monthly Membership Features

  • weekly Calls

  • Guides

  • Challenges

  • Coffee

Weekly group calls with Jonathan

A weekly open Q&A call where members can get their questions answered by Jonathan in a collaborative environment

The BIG Bonus:
Get the 'Dial Down Your Pain' Course
$247 Free

The 'Dial Down Your Pain' course retails for $247 USD, however it comes included in your monthly membership.

When you join, you’ll get access to these trainings:

Neuroscience of Pain Relief

Finally understand why you still have pain...and what to do about it. 

The Art of Comfort Focus

Master the art of Comfort Focus to dial down Win the mind game so pain will never take centre stage in your life again

Core Breathing

This powerful breathing technique prevents the windup that leads to pain flares. Mastering it means you stay calm and in control in any situation.

Double Your Pain Relief

Combine NeuroMind techniques for enhanced pain relief. Make your pain relief portable, and combine it with Core Breathing for optimal pain relief.

Habit Tracker

The key to success with Dialling Down Your Pain is simple: consistent practice. So we've included a state of the art Habit Tracker with your purchase.

Get Fit Safely

The key to true recovery is for your body to start making endorphins (natural painkillers) again. Pick a fitness plan to get you making endorphins, fast.

Hear from Community Members

My students tell me that joining this program is the best decision they’ve ever made for their pain. Here’s a small sample of the messages I’ve received from people who’ve used our methods:

"Happy to be pain-free!"

"Happy to be pain-free! Naomi and Jonathon, I am so grateful for the course and the supportive community you've created. I'm happy to report that I'm pain-free and other areas of my life have improved, too. My mental outlook is completely different. My energy has increased and even PMS symptoms are greatly diminished. I am happy to be on the mend. Thank you!"

Lisa Ashburn, Community Member

"Best pain management process out there"

"I'd like to add that I think this is the best pain management process out there because it's multifaceted. It presents strategies for immediate physical relief (trigger point therapy) but also many mind-body techniques that are at the root of the problem. And Jonathan's videos are so claiming, relaxing and hopeful."

AnneMarie Connolly, Community Member

"Incredible information..."

"Hi Jonathan. The club content is fantastic, with incredible information on a range of topics....Just viewing your instruction videos has enabled me to assist my wife as her right shoulder and arm ceased up on her and she was in extreme pain."

Bob Hatibovich

"There is definitely body mind connection and personally, when I have accepted the cause and effect of pain in my mind, I am able to look positively at ways to get rid of it and it has WORKED!”."

Dolly Mani

"Can’t speak highly enough about the care and professional expertise offered"

"Hello LAP staff, It is a testament to Jonathon and Naomi’s work that I’m now in a position to cancel my subscription to the club. It has been a great help and the input from Jonathon & Naomi have been both personal and significantly helpful. I have purchased Dr J’s book and followed it carefully.

"Over the past years I have purchased most of his on-line courses. So I have those to keep me going if needed. It was the info in the book that clicked with me and has helped me out of my pain and pain flares of 7 years. The club has been very supportive and I can’t speak highly enough about the care and professional expertise offered here, along with an insight into other people’s experiences with pain.

"Now 6 months after my last significant pain flare and 6 months of being in the club, I find I no longer need the support at that level...I’m now ready to return to a more regular life. Being in the club been a highly beneficial experience for me. ...It has been wonderful to ‘meet’ so many other lovely, kind, caring people as members of the club, all of whom have contributed to my recovery."

Carol Newton, Community Member

"Taken up hiking and climbing mountains"

"I purchased your life after pain course about 18 months ago? I'm now pain free after four years. This course, after trying many other alternatives, saved my life. I not only have my body back, but also my mind. Thanks you for sharing this valuable information with others.

"I am recommending this course to others suffering from chronic pain and who are willing to put in the effort to get their life back. By the way, that is what caught my attention about this course. Jonathan said it won't be a quick fix but that after several weeks I could be taught to "turn the pain down."

"What's a few weeks when you've had years of constant pain I thought. And it delivered its promise right on time. I felt a gradual improvement and for the first time in years I felt in control of my pain and that was life changing. I'm now 56 and taken up hiking and climbing mountains. I'm pain free except for what is usual. Pain is now my friend not the enemy."

Donna Westerdaal, Community Member

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Is this a course?

No, the Life After Pain community is a monthly membership, with group calls added each week. However it does include a course which members go through learn pain relief techniques and speed up their journey back to full health

What do I get?

You get weekly group calls on Zoom with Jonathan, and access to a forum where you can ask as many questions as you want. You also get the 'Dial Down Your Pain' course, which retails at $247. 

Jonathan's very active in the forum, and you usually get an answer from him in a couple of days if you tag him.

The forum is a private Facebook group. If that worries you, then you can always only do the zoom calls. 

What time are the weekly calls?

Calls are 4:30pm EST each week on a Sunday afternoon. Here’s that time in a few other timezones. If you can’t make a call, the recording is posted up so you can listen shortly after. 

What happens after I join?

After you join, you’ll receive a welcome email with your unique log in details. Once you log in, you’ll have immediate access to the entire library of content and get access to the community forum and notifications to join the weekly group calls with Jonathan. 

How is the content delivered?

The course is inside the private membership portal and the group calls are announced via email. The community forum is a private facebook group. 

Once I join, can I cancel my membership?

Yes! Once you join, it's easy to cancel your membership anytime. You can try it out for a few months and see what you think. Please do note though that once you cancel there is a 6-month waiting period to rejoin and you may not be able to rejoin at your previous pricing.

When will my membership renew?

Your account will be charged on the same day that you signed up each month for as long as you continue your membership.

What is your refund / cancellation policy?

Your membership may be canceled at any time. Due to the digital nature of the membership, refunds are not available, so be sure we're a good fit before you purchase! 

This is a subscription service and that will be billed monthly. If you wish to cancel, you must do so before your next billing date which will be the same day each month. Please make note of the day of the month that your membership renews. 

Refunds are not granted once the payment has gone through. Please do note though that once you cancel there is a 6-month waiting period to rejoin. If you cancel and return in the future, you'll be subject to whatever price the membership is at that time. 

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$10 USD / Month

 "May the next few months be a period of magnificent transformation.” 

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