Stoicism and Pain: Using Stoic Principles in Everyday Life

Dr Gregory Sadler, Stoicism and Pain

Today’s Life After Pain masterclass is an interview with Dr Gregory Sadler PhD, author of ‘Reason Fulfilled by Revelation’ and the site and channel. Dr Sadler is also an executive coach, Adjunct Instructor of Philosophy at Marist College, Editor of Stoicism Today and the President and Founder of In this interview, we’re going to look at stoicism and pain. We’ll discover how stoic principles can be applied in everyday life to better face challenges like chronic pain, and live well.

Play the interview below to learn:

  • How to develop Stoic resilience
  • How practical use of Stoicism can help relieve the negative emotions that come with pain including anger, frustration, self pity, hopelessness and blame
  • Where Stoicism intersects with mindfulness and being present
  • What practices and stoic principles people adopt to get started
  • And much more…



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Stoicism Today

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Yohanna Jones May 21, 2017

thanks for having Dr. Greg Sadler on. i follow him in other ways, and now am appreciating the interaction with a person who understands so much about chronic Pain ; Topics were touched upon in more helpful (to me) ways. Even though i have some extensive background in the use of stoic thought , (and cognitive therapy) somethings were fresh sounding in this context. So, thanks to you both.

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