The Paradox at the Heart of Getting Pain Free

I heard a great metaphor the other day from a recovering perfectionist. It’s like this: imagine you’re driving a car, and there’s zero air in the tires.

You’re basically driving along on the wheel rims.

There’s a few problems with this. Firstly, you’re going to wreck the wheels. You’re not going to be able to drive very fast. And you’ll feel every little bump on the road.

Having air in your tires is like giving yourself permission to take a break. It’s having compassion for yourself when you’re tired, or things don’t turn out quite how you’d hoped on the journey to getting pain free.

It’s not punishing or berating yourself when you fall short of your (extremely high) standards.

And, paradoxically, it’s this self compassion that will, in the end, allow you to go further, faster than you’d ever believed possible. (And you’ll enjoy the ride a lot more.)

Why is this important?

Because so many people I see with chronic pain are pushing themselves unmercifully. They’re angry and frustrated with their bodies. This is totally understandable. I was the same when I had back pain.

The truth though, is that there’s no mythical place of where you ‘should’ be. You owe it to yourself to cut yourself some slack. I have no doubt that you’re doing the best you can, and the sooner you acknowledge that, and give yourself permission to be where you are, the sooner you’ll gather the resources to start getting pain free.

I fully aware this is a giant paradox, but so is life 🙂

And lastly – if you’re ready to come on board and join us on the inside, the Club is where you’ll find a group of determined individuals following a proven system to get pain free – without hurry, but also without pause or hesitation.

As the old saying goes: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

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