The True Meaning of Life After Pain

Some years ago, when I was living with chronic pain, I can’t say I was the happiest camper to be around. Sure – I’d try and put on a happy face for friends and family – but that’s exactly what it was….trying.

It’s hard to be genuinely relaxed and cheerful when you’re wondering when your back is going to ambush you with another red hot stab of pain.

Here’s the thing I only realised later though. I thought I’d ‘tried everything.’ I’d given up my search, and decided I just had to ‘live with it.’

There’s a painful adjustment that comes when your previous pain-free self – the one you remember being – gives up the ghost. And a different personality, the one that came in the back door with your chronic pain, pulls up a chair and takes over.

Here’s the thing though….at a deeper level, I hadn’t given up.

Maybe my old pain-free self had gone into hibernation, but it had not entirely left the building. It was still rummaging around in the basement, looking for a way to get back up to the living room and turn on the lights. At a deep level, I was still searching for a way out of living with chronic pain.

What I didn’t realise though, was that there was no ‘going back.’

To become pain-free again, I couldn’t return to how I’d been before I had chronic pain. I had to become a different person, one who was able to turn off my pain. I had to adopt new habits and a different perspective.

And when I eventually did that, on that very day, I began to reduce my pain. Until I realised one day that it had gone.

That’s the true meaning of Life After Pain. It’s not returning to what was. It’s going forward into something new. And, looking back, I think my life is actually better than if I’d never had my back pain. (For one thing, I certainly wouldn’t be sharing all this with you here on this site.)


Now it’s your turn.

If you’ve been living with chronic pain for a length of time, and you’ve tried many ways to get rid of it, it may be that the change you need to make is already within your grasp.

It will take some work, a lot of courage and determination. But as the people inside the Club can attest, it is quite doable.

Now, this is where I’m going to recommend two things.

Number 1 is my book. It’s on Amazon, you can get it in paperback or kindle, and it’s already helped many people get their lives back. (As you can see in the reviews.)

Number 2 is the Club. That’s for people who want to make this trip with support and a community. It’s not always an easy journey, and there will be ups and downs. That’s why a group around you (and step by step instructions) will get you further along than trying to go it all alone.

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