Lene Andersen – Managing Rheumatoid Arthiritis


Lene Andersen the Author of ‘Your Life with Rheumatoid Arthritis‘  as well as, health and disability advocate and keen photographer.

In this interview we find out about Lene’s story of growing up with rheumatoid arthritis and the many challenges she had to face. 

Listen to the interview to find out:

  • Mindfulness practices to reduce chronic pain
  • Becoming empowered to reach a point where you don’t feel helpless
  • Getting control by using tools to identify patterns and begin to predict how your body (and your condition) will behave
  • Adjusting medication to minimise side effects
  • How the way in which you describe your life to others will help them give you the help you need
  • The pineapple and garlic solution to sinus infections
  • How to listen to your body
  • Advocating for people with disabilities and becoming aware of this invisible bias

Click play to listen to the interview below:

Find out more from Lene at her award winning blog The Seated View

Visit the book’s companion site here: http://www.yourlifewithra.com/

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