Hidden Pain Zones and Chronic Pain Treatment

I once watched this great social experiment done by the magician Derren Brown. He took some British celebrities and put them in a room with a collection of toys, bouncy balls and funny wigs.

On the wall was an electronic scoreboard.

He told them: “The door out of here is locked. But if you can figure out how to get the score up to 5000 before the twenty-minute timer runs out, the door unlocks and you can walk through to claim the $50,000 in cash sitting on the table outside.”

So they were motivated (even celebrities have bills to pay!)

They started the challenge. The time’s ticking down. And then ‘bing!’ The scoreboard goes up by 50 points.

In the closed room, the camera shows the celebrities get excited. ‘What did we do? What made the score go up?”

They discuss and try different things. Was it because one guy walked over there? Was it because the lady put on a funny wig?

The tried so many combinations to figure out the code. By the end they were bouncing crazily around on funny coloured balls, wearing outrageous wigs.

Great entertainment – but the timer was running down. What was really going on?

Then, the timer runs out, and the celebrities have to leave without the cash prize. They’re puzzled and disappointed.

That’s when we (the audience) find out the truth.

In the next room, there’s a goldfish bowl with a sensor. Every time the goldfish swims across the sensor, the score goes up.

The score going up has nothing to do with what the celebrities are doing in the room.

Here’s the final twist (magician Derren Brown is good at twists.)

If any of the celebrities had looked up at the ceiling they would have seen this written in big letters:

“After 10 minutes, the doors will automatically be unlocked and you can walk through to claim your prize.”

They were so involved doing crazy stuff to make a random score increase, no one saw the bigger picture. And so no one walked free to get the prize.

It’s a poetic image and can be applied to many things in life.

Here’s how I see it applies to chronic pain treatment.

If you have a pain, you’re doing all sorts of things to try and figure out why and when your pain comes on. You can go crazy trying to understand it and get control. It can seem like everything makes it worse.

You’re feeling sad and maybe a bit mad because you’ve tried everything, and nothing is working.

Suppose though, that like the celebrities in the locked room, what you’re doing is not even slightly connected to the real cause of your pain. Suppose your pain is being caused by something happening in a totally different place?

What would you do?

Well, right now, you can walk through the unlocked doors and learn a method chronic pain treatment that turns down pain at the source.

It’s time to claim your prize and get your life back. Inside the the Life After Pain Community, there’s a course that walks you step by step through how to do this. Here’s the link to join today >>

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