Chronic Pain and Resilience


Due to a birth disorder, Danea Horn had 10 surgeries before she was two, and has had demanding health challenges since then. Out of necessity, Danea developed a different way to approach her health – one that is full of self compassion and acceptance.

In this interview, Danea looks at the chronic pain and resilience – and the deep wellspring that we all can draw on when we need to. Listen to find out about:

  • The double edged sword of medical research (especially online) and how to do this in healthy ways (not creating additional stress) as well as how to evaluate the credibility of the source
  • The issue of loss of control and how to handle the feeling that your body has gone outside your control
  • How to assemble a team of health care professionals to give you the best possible care and support
  • How Danea found purpose in the challenges she was facing – and how she turned this into empowerment
  • Why not being ‘normal’ can be a strength
  • Chronic illness often comes along with a feeling of guilt and shame because you’re not able to ‘make yourself better.’ We discuss how to can rise above this.
  • Vulnerability, and how allowing yourself to be vulnerable can be a huge relief of stress and a way to open up to the richness of life

‘When you embrace the things that are hard in your life, you start to see all of the miracles and blessings that come out of them’ – Danea

Praise for Danea’s book ‘Chronic Resilience’: “Danea Horn has put an honest and wise voice to the intimate journey of illness. She lights a fire for self-compassion and puts stress in its place, while providing empowering suggestions for living with grace and Chronic Resilience. I highly recommend this groundbreaking book.”  -Kris Carr, New York Times bestselling author of Crazy Sexy Diet

Chronic Resilience: 10 Sanity-Saving Strategies for Women Coping with the Stress of Illness

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