You Don’t LOOK Sick! And Other Chronic Illness Challenges

joy-selak“I’ve learned that having a chronic illness is not a prison sentence. It does not mean I must spend the rest of my life feeling depressed and angry, locked away from the world inside my little sick box. It does not mean that I am useless and no longer have any gifts to share, but it may mean that I must develop some new ones.”
Joy H. Selak

Joy’s book ‘You Don’t Look Sick’ is vital reading for anybody diagnosed with a non-visible chronic illness. Joy Selak has lived with chronic autoimmune, musculoskeletal and neurological conditions since the 1990’s.

In this interview we discuss:

  • Joy’s transition back to working life – as an valuable member of a non-profit and how she did this while managing her illness
  • How people react when you have an illness that can’t be fixed – and how to compassionately understand them
  • How to treat yourself well and practice self compassion
  • The kindest response towards people who do have a chronic illness
  • The many chronic illness challenges and how to meet them with courage and determination
  • How to handle battles with health and disability insurers
  • Hiring your doctor – the unusual way to engage with your health care providers
  • The social bias against the chronically ill – and how to negotiate your way through this
  • Charting a path for change when you have become ill

This resource helps you focus on building a meaningful life that contains illness as opposed to a life of frustration and fear.

You Don’t LOOK Sick!: Living Well with Invisible Chronic Illness

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