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Pain Fear, Trigger Points & Chronic Pain

Did you know that pain fear is the major negative emotion that feeds and drives chronic trigger point pain? Fear of hurting yourself will stop you doing the most important thing for your healing. This most important thing is to allow yourself to move freely. Once you begin to move more freely, you can take […]

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Chronic Myofascial Pain & Being Active

When you have chronic myofascial pain, often the simplest movements will hurt. But if you listen to this pain and cut back on your normal activities, the pain will often get worse. This starts a vicious cycle. You do less because of the pain, so you lose physical fitness. When this happens, your muscles lose power and keeping your […]

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Perfectionism and Chronic Pain – The new TV Heroine

There’s an important connection between perfectionism and chronic pain. And in the media, I have been intrigued & somewhat saddened by the emergence of a particular type of woman in many popular TV shows including CSI, many other cop & legal programs. She is smart. She is skinny, tough and tense. She tends to have […]

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