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Deb Shapiro – Emotions and Your Body’s Health

  This interview is with Deb Shapiro, author of the bestseller ‘Your Body Speaks Your Mind.’ For the last 25 years Deb Shapiro has led meditation retreats and personal development programs worldwide. She is also the author of sixteen books on personal development, meditation and social action, some of which have been published in over seventeen languages. Her latest book, with […]

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Chi Running and Effortless Running Technique

Danny Dreyer is the author of Chi Running– a revolutionary style of running, and Chi Walking. Danny has complete 40 ultra marathons since 1995, and so he has personally tested the authenticity of his running style. In this interview we discuss how Danny developed this technique, how his study of Tai Chi influenced Chi Running, […]

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Pain, Healing and Transformation

This interview is with Melanie Thernstrom, author of New Your Times Bestseller – The Pain Chronicles. Here, we discuss both Melanie’s journey through chronic pain and her experiences with hundreds of chronic pain patients as she researched writing her book. You’ll discover out what Melanie found to be the most critical factor in the chornic […]

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