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Why a Prolapsed Disc Occurs, and How It Causes Sciatica

This video details how the disc in your spine can get ruptured. We then go in detail over exactly what happens next, and how this is one of the common┬ácauses of sciatica. It’s really important for people with prolapsed disc to understand exactly what has happened, and to realise that a large percentage of the […]

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Does Spondylosis Equal Back Pain?

The following articles clarify the relationship between spondylosis and back pain: The MRI scan confirms disc degeneration disease (spondylosis) of the intervertebral discs. However-  Spondylosis is not in itself a cause for low back pain, but it can be described as a morphological consequence of stressors applied to the lumbar discs and zygapophyseal joints during […]

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