Amplified Pain.... - Chronic Pain Relief

Amplified Pain….


Exciting times! The Life After Pain Book is launching on the 28th Jan….
It’s called:
“You, Pain Free: 6 Keys to Break Free of Chronic Pain and Get Your Life Back”


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Sheralee Beebe January 11, 2017

Thank you, I like your message, I like your capacity to educate and demonstrate. It is easy to recommend you to my clients and students. Most importantly I trust the message that you are delivering. Thank you. I am happy to have purchased your courses.

Lilythirunavukkarasu January 13, 2017

Ur message is v useful. I read ur mails. Really interested about this. Can I get some full informations of ur treatment? Thank u again for this

barbra rhoda January 13, 2017

wondering your ‘mind body connection’ this a method ..only using the mind. or does your body do movements?
i enjoyed your clear video charts
barbra rhoda

Jackie Taylor January 13, 2017

Thank you for your time in explaining this in detail. It does make such sense and I know it works as a chronic pain sufferer who has tried to use the mind techniques to ‘ ‘switch off the faulty messages’ I could never understand before why my pain jumped around from side to side and used to think it was my ‘condition’ getting worse. Now i just ignore the pain and tell it to go away I am not listening. It’s as you once said b****t pain. Thank you so much for what you have changed so much for me.

Gitta January 13, 2017

Brilliant concept – well done!

Mark Brown March 4, 2017

Would you please download the book for me?

    Naomi Kuttner March 6, 2017

    Hi Mark,
    To download the book, you’ll need to purchase it from (or you can get a paperback version.)

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