The President’s Physician

In the spring of 1955, Senator J F Kennedy was suffering from an injury he’d sustained from World War II.

He had severe muscle spasms in his left lower back that radiated pain into his left leg. The pain and spasm was such that walking was almost impossible. JFK was considering quitting his political career.

However, he went to one more doctor to see if he could find a cure – Dr Janet Travell. At this time, Dr Travell was studying a field that was quite new to Western medicine – Myofascial Trigger Points.

With a variety of techniques she was able to treat his chronic pain successfully. So much so, that she became his personal physician for his entire presidency. The rest, as you know, was history.

It’s still strange to me how few medical practitioners know of trigger points, considering that they have had this kind of high profile success. I think it’s because – up until now, it’s been extremely hard to scientifically measure trigger point treatment – and a lot depends on the skill of the practitioner.

Nowadays, there’s some exciting imaging tools emerging – like functional MRI’s – that may make triggers more widely known and used.

I’ve been using trigger point treatment for more than two decades now. And I’ve developed some new twists on Travell’s techniques that make them even easier to use – and pain free. Here’s where to find out more.

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