Herniated or Prolapsed Discs Natural Treatment & Recovery

Are there natural treatment options for a prolapsed disc? What happens if you get no treatment at all? How do you heal, and how long does it take? This video goes over in detail the natural recovery cycle for a prolapsed disc.

This is the kind of information that can be a huge benefit if you ever get this kind of injury. When you know the natural healing history for ruptured discs, then you have a yardstick to measure your progress with.

You’ll know what’s considered ‘normal’ pain, and that a fair amount of the pain you feel is actually your body’s way of healing the problem.

If you want to find out ways to relaxed spasmed and painful muscles that can add to back pain, just fill in the form below. You’ll get a free information pack and join a free email course on muscle releases and pain relief techniques.


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k.hannan August 2, 2010

have had lower back pain for 24 months since falling heavily and or twisting back.had usual mri which revealed small disc bulge on the l4/l5 joint pyhsio and chiro treatment no help even had cortisine inj. now under pain clinic had all the normal anti imflamtry drug diclofenac and celebrex takiing cocodmol and tramadol in the past had to be given diazapan also morphine pain ongoing 24/7 at end of tether but am having course of acupuncture with dr.chagger of wainfleet lincs england.consultant at doncaster royal infirmary discounted surgury trying to reamin positive .in retirement my hobby was outdoor bowling but cannot do this at the moment.Your vidios are fantastic to watch such detail and encouragement to sufferes like myself many thanks for allowing me to watch,as said i am pinning my hopes on a current course of acupuncture
many thanks
keith hannan (club captain ingoldmells bowling club nr skegness , lincs ,england.summer home no 251 gillings silver beach,anchor lane,ingoldmells,lincs pe25 1lx

    Jonathan August 14, 2010

    hello Keith

    acupuncture can be a very effective treatment for lower back pain. So I wish you all the best. Have you tried some of the techniques on the videos to treat your own back?

    Kind regards

Alex November 24, 2010

I twisted my spine 8 days ago, and sure enough, within moments, I started having horrible pain down my right backside, leg, and calf. Since then, I have been using a cane to get around the house (still very painful). I have been suffering in agony since then, but have kept a strong thought about healing. On the seventh day, I started to feel a bit better, so I stopped using the cane. Later that night, I was awakened by a terrible pain, much like the same level I experienced the first time I got injured.

So, now all my pain has returned, just as if this whole week of taking it easy and resting did not even happen. I am so sad and depressed right now, and very broken in spirit. What should I do? Is this normal? Can somebody with sciatica feel “better” one day, and worse the next? Also, how long does this horrible pain last? I have heard everything from 2 weeks to 3 months. How soon wil it be before I’m not totally dependant on a cane? Is their any care techniques I can do at home to sooth this pain? I have no money, so can’t see a doctor/chiropractor. I hate to whine, but I am in so much pain right now and I am so scared.

Warm wishes,

shaun Fitzgerald April 29, 2011

lay on tennis ball on outside of the hip, which is the trigger point to the sciatic nerve. release the tfl, and the piriformis and the pain will go away.

Darien Harris October 25, 2011

Hi there Jonathan,

Thanks for the fantastic site. Very informative and most of all comforting. I would like to know if the natural history of a lumbar disc is similiar to that of a cervical disc. The reason I ask is that I have multiple bulging discs in my neck and need some reasurance that it will get better.

Warm regards,

Leej November 2, 2011

I have a shoulder problem, foe awhile I have tried physio which is on going, most things I cannot do as lifting or using my arm for extended period … At night’s I suffer from total numbness of the arm to the point I am scared I will not feel anything. This has carried over to my neck … Having to stretch use a ball to find some relief which lasts for short periods.
I get the burning and needles down my arm and back of neck .
In the long term what should I expect.

Maureen Hirst July 6, 2012

Hi Jonathon
I have collapsed discs in C5/6 and C6/7, narrowing of nerve exit site and two bones jutting out, one on each side of neck (visible on Xray. Also am in a lot of pain. I have dizziness and imbalance. This has been ongoing for 12 years and have only just found out what is wrong. However, on seeing the surgeon this week, I told him about the cortisone injection I had last November. It was to the top of my shoulder and was written down as ‘facit joint’. My consultant said there is no facit joint there, that is a trigger point! In the past I thought it may be a trigger point problem and have been to several Chiropractors and Physiotherpists but no-one really knows what they are doing. I also try to self treat. Is there anything you think would help before I commit to Microsurgery?

Nick July 9, 2012

Hi Dr. Kuttner,
Thank you for the very informative site and videos. I have been diagnosed with herniated L4/L5 disc. I had MRI done and can clearly see the herniation and it is pressing on my nerves to right leg side. It is almost 12 weeks into my pain now and i am getting better every week. I am able to walk and go about my daily chores without taking any strong painkillers. I just taking one ibuprofen 200 mg at night. But the pain in my right foot and ankle is still there. The pain moves from the ankle to calf muscle and to butt sometimes.

My Question is: most physicians have told me that the herniated disc will never heal or it will take at least 12 -18 months to shrink little bit. If that is true, how come they all say pain will go away in 10-12 weeks. If the disc herniation is still there and pressing the nerves, what makes the pain to go away after 10-12 weeks.

divya agrawal August 18, 2012

Thanks for uploading this video ! it meant life to me..i had slip disc some 18 days back. i was at my workshop normally sitting on a chai and when i stood up i felt shooting pain in my back..twice i guess..i sat for some time..came back home n met doc in 2-3 hours time coz i knew something has happened to me. my doc has suggested complete bed rest. horrible situation on 2nd day. pain is better now after 2 weeks of 95 % rest but it now growing to my legs . right more. can walk slowly with bit discomfort. should i continue this rest? doc says to rest for another 3 weeks or so. what more can i do ? i m improving for sure but pain keeps going n coming..is that okey?

sharon harris November 10, 2012

Hi Jonathon, I have only found through an MRI , that after 3 years i have right sided posterolateral disc protrusions in c5/6 and c6/7 also osteophytes which are impinging on the exiting right c6 and c7 nerve roots. As i have had the pain for the whole of the 3 years and originally when i had the inury thought i had torn a muscle in my arm or something and that it would heal, i am wondering now, if it is to late for recovery of those discs. Unfortunatly i work lifting heavy stuff all day and i wonder if this will never help me to recover. Cause of the extended time now in which this injury on my neck has been done ,and never getting any help or rest to heal since the injury , ( my natural shape to my cervical in the neck has changed completely and is not in line ), do you think chiropracting could help these discs heal by aligning my neck .

I really appreciate your time and i hope you can help me to work out to manage this pain or how to heal this problem in the future.
Thankyou, Sharon.

Maureen Hirst November 11, 2012

Hi Sharon Harris
Your symptoms are exactly the same as I had. (See comments 6 July 2012). I decided to go for surgery as after 12 years I was getting nowhere and the pain getting worse and worse. I am now post surgery at 4 weeks. I was told that this would flare after the operation (keyhole by the way) and it has done. I am in agony but!! after the operation
which consisted of a probe being inserted into my neck and then the ends of the discs being lasered, I am sure that the pain is coming from the muscles, which seized up when my spine curved, and which I feel sure are now beginning to relax due to the release of nerves etc. There was absolutely no pain and I was semi conscious all the way through. I would go through it again tomorrow. I suggest you look into this MISS.
By the way I have spent over £13,ooo on chiropractic, physiothrapy, ostiopathy, reiki, deep body massage, accupuncture and more. You name it, I have had it done and it never worked. I also need to mention that I have scoliosis (curvature of the spine).
Hope this helps. Maureen Hirst

Billy C. February 5, 2013

Thank you for the video. This helped me understand what my Dr. and therapist have told me. I have been diagnosed with herniated discs at L3, L4, and L5 with L5 being the worst and have pain and cramping in my right leg(hamstring and calf). My father had the same condition at 20 years old. They performed surgery and he was in major pain for the rest of his life. I’m scared of having the same issues but I know not to have surgery unless absolutely necessary. Right now, I can’t work or drive without severe pain in the leg. My job requires lots of driving, heavy lifting, and walking on rooftops. I know I have to change careers but I am really worried about finding a good job in this economy. Wish me luck….

Katie.C February 18, 2013

Hello Jonathan,
I have watched your video with great interest. I have just been diagnosed with a prolapse disc in my neck, I think C4-C5. I have been in pain for nearly 16 weeks now, although it has improved from the beginning because the arm and pain in my hand was horrendous at first. My main question is can I expect any more improvement from now? Most of the information on the internet says they usually heal in 2-3months. As mine has already gone on for longer, do you think this is a good as it will get ? I am also worried about returning to my job as a nurse (I work at a desk most of the time and I don’t do any lifting). But it looks like sitting at a desk is probably one of the worse things I could do. Any comments or information from anyone would be gladly received. Kind Regards Katie

Peggy O August 3, 2013

hello, I have a herniated disc in my lower spine almost my tailbone> I live in Canada and I was told they do not do surgery anymore as it is painful and does not work.. i am in week 5 . Doc told me they used to fuse them together but do not do this anymore. I have stopped the morphine and only on ibuprofen at night. Some days i feel much better and feel like it is healing then I get days like today and i am in much pain.. I am going to push through and preserver. I think exercise may be the key . heres to hope!

divya agrawal August 5, 2013

Hello..one year has passed since i had slip disc. L4-l5 position. By gods grace life is normal again. I am doing everything i use to do before , but with care. I stand up slowly. Never bend my back directly . Bend on my keens instead. No weight lifting beyond 7-8 kgs. All i feel is some heavy feeling on a point on lower back. That has become part of life. Looking back i was so nervous when this happened. Two small kids to take care , my work.. I use to think i will never be able to stand only. Life will never be same again. My doctor strictly made me bed rest for 6 weeks, only for toilet needs i could get up. Not even meals i has in sitting position. But it worked amazing for me. After 6 weeks , i was allowed moments in my comfort level. Frist few days were terrible. I could not walk for 1 min. Terrible pain in back n legs use to shake. But slowly day by day things got better. Process is slow , but one has to believe i will be fine. Its very hard. But that’s the only cure i have figure out. Don’t give up. Take easy, start moving once doctor recommends. N stictly follow bed rest. In India line of treatment is this n i know i am benefited from this. Pain is never easy but urge to live taking care of loved ones n do some thing worth in life can beat any pain. Best of luck all people in pain. Have trust..have faith.

    Steph October 18, 2014

    Thank you for this. Been in some form of pain for 10months and agree sometimes it’s hard to think through the pain and reach normal again. I have more hope now to stay the course of physio and listen to my body recovering from the exercises each time. Feeling happier and seems to go through waves of days where hard and painful to come through the other side feeling a little bit better. Slowly slowly it seems and everyone is different. Got to keep going and find what works for you.

Anonymous August 29, 2014

Talk to your doctor about what medication you can take, at
what dose and for how long. Ice helps with some injuries, and for others it’s the last thing you want to do.
Nowadays, people seek all kinds of health care professionals such as chiropractors, osteopathy,
acupuncturist, and bonesetters to treat joint pains and avoid a surgery.


Do not use untrained or unregistered massage therapists.
Some physicians use acupuncture to those undergoing physical therapy.
Nonprescription medications are another way to ease the
back pain.

dennis english September 27, 2015

great help knowing time will heal the back

Nazrul Islam November 24, 2015

Suffering from disc prolapse pain extend to left foot from near about two years. Prolapse L4-5&L5-s1 first one is prominent. Feel better with empty belly.only physical exercise is continue.Age-38,Wt-75kg.

Joe Polan December 16, 2015

Free information pac and free email course on muscle release and pain relief techniques.

Stewart Elliott August 11, 2019

Ive been suffering from a prolapsed disc since may this year, I’m a builder not able to work since have had MRI scan in July , large bulging disc between 4 and 5 on co codamol and gavepentin hopping to find other methods of getting back on my feet without pain and hopefully back to work.

Martin jones October 2, 2021

Can I get free email pack , thankyou

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