8 Steps to a Pain Free Back – an Interview with Esther Gokhale

I’m excited to share with you a very interesting look at posture and how we can use our bodies to eliminate pain.

Esther Gokhale has pioneered her own method of posture that helps people to be free of chronic back pain. She started by curing her own back pain and has since moved on to help thousands of others.

In this inteview we discuss  the phenomenon of bad posture that effects our generation, and how you can correct your posture to prevent chronic pain.

Esther’s best selling book: 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back: Natural Posture Solutions for Pain in the Back, Neck, Shoulder, Hip, Knee, and Foot

Free resources from Esther’s website:

the Gokhale Method

What Hurts? – Symptom checker with posture solutions for different types of pain.


Visuals from Esther’s book to illustrate the concepts discussed in the interview:

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Salman khan February 5, 2012

Dear Esther Gokhale,

I am not a doctor but I was a victim of back pain for more than 13 years.
it was chronic persistant muscles pain,specially in the low back upper back and neck.
I am sure that i know chronic back pain more than a doctor, because i know how it feels and how it affects the mood and social life of person,
I had been daignosed with so many medical conditions like.

poor posture
muscles weakness
post injury.and many more.
as i had completed the treatment for all disorders that i got gastric ulcer because of
drug intake.
I knew that none of the above medical conditions was the cause of my chronic pain.
I was very interested that i will spend my whole life in research to find out what really cause chronic pain, even if had to live with it my rest of life.

Medical science has completly failed to cure chronic pain, it because they dont know the cause of chronic pain,
chronic pain is very tricky and that is why the cause of pain is also very tricky that you will not believe it.

Listen all chronic pain victims.I Know the cause of chronic pain and the cure for chronic pain,

chronic pain is not a physical problem it is 100% mental issue.

let me clear the misconception of medical science that structural abnormility
is the cause of chronic back pain,

it is totaly wrong that following structure abnormilty cause chronic pain,

1)Herniated disc
2)pinched nerve
3)kyphosis or poor posture
4)reumatic arthritsis
5)spinal stenosis
6)weak muscles
8)vitamins defeciency
9)organic disease
10)physical or sports injury etc
there are dozens of many other conditions which are blamed for chronic pain

but i am sorry to say that none of the above medical condition is the cause of chronic pain,

myofacial pain syndrome or trigger points itself is not a syndrome it is the symptom
never treat trigger points treat the cause of trigger point.

if anybody want to know the cause and cure for chronic back pain
let me know i will give him complete information

Cure your chronic pain without surgery without exercise and without drugs

Salman khan

    Fabian Hatendi December 26, 2013

    Please give me on how to treat my backache. Its so painful espescialy when I wake up in the morning. At times I can hardly bath. Please help me

    bijaya April 17, 2014

    Thanks of your great suggestions.

    Sweta July 11, 2014

    Hey, I have been suffering from pain( mainly upper back, neck and arms) since two yrs, it started while I was doing yoga, I got a pull. I tried many forms of treatment, but when I tried muscle release technique it helped, but again the pain returned. Currently I am having pain on my shoulders and upper back and not able to lift my hands to talk over phone. Certain stretching exercises help and physical exercises which increases the blood circulation also helps.

    Earlier the symptoms were too bad, but currently since I am exercising everyday it is better as compared to what it was.

    Muscles are worked up and tight, weak, and specially if I do not exercise then I feel as if something is contracting and pulling my muscle mass, sometimes slight headache and when pain increases a lot then I feel hot palpitations or say hot hammering.

    Ice always helps in my pain and heat aggravates it.

    I also had muscle knots(not painful) and trigger points(tender points painful).Currently there are no muscle knots and just one or two tender points, so I am also not able to sleep on any hard mattress as the pain increases.

    Orthopaedic and rheumatologist diagnosed it as soft tissue rheumatism/myofacial pain.

    Yes improving posture helps, but i am not consciously working on it.

    Please suggest.

    Terry Munson August 29, 2014

    I’d like to accept your offer for an explanation of the cause of back pain and a method of treatment.

    Peter December 26, 2015

    Hi Salman,
    I would like to say that I deal with the same problems like you in the past.
    I appreciate to get for free your valuable informations.
    Many thanks in advance,
    have a good time furthermore and
    Merry Christmas

    ( J.P.Schneider at gmx.de )

adriana February 5, 2012

I just discovered your method. Listened to yuor interview and printed out the free chapter. I am very interested, but I do not think I can learn online or from a book. However, at the moment I am living in Memphisn, TN. Where can I go to take a “real life” class?

I am 68 and have had many chiropractic adjustments. The chiropractor told me that he has done what can be done, mechanically speaking, because of my age.

I have (or had) a bulding disc and a herniated one. I have bone spurs as well.

My spine does not go the way it supposed to – several centimeters out- but can’t be changed, unless with surgery.

Do you have suggestions for me?

With kind wishes,

Jane Greenhalgh February 5, 2012

Hi. I have been convinced, for some time, that our posture governs pain. We need to introduce deportment classes to the population in schools. Carrying school bags and heavy handbags does not help either. We learn from our peers how to stand and I believe that over pronation of the feet, inwards, causes bunions. In fact a lot of our so called hereditary problems are due to learned responses. Yes we do have genetic differences but they do not have to be manifest. Hey Ho, sigh! Medical science teaches us that all our problems can be cured so we have learned to apportion blame. When we are honest with the cause of our dis ease, looking to where we are out of balance, then we will be able to take responsibility for our health. Well done to you both for starting to open these doors.

adriana February 5, 2012

Does anyone have an answer or suggestions for me?

gregory ives February 6, 2012

I’m a practicing chiropractor and am open to new ideas and treatments. I listened with interest your conversation with Jonathan Kuttner and although some of the concepts as you say are a bit different then what we are normally used to hearing, I would like to get more information and try to evaluate for myself. Thank you

Robert February 8, 2012

Adriana, I am a qualified sports therapist in scotland.

I would recommend trigger point along with massage. sports massage would be the best as it specifically focuses on friction,reciprocal inhibition techniques and soft tissue release. Firstly I would assess you then begin the treatments so I understood which muscles to work on.

One great little technique you could use at home would be by simply using a tennis ball leaning against the wall with it at which ever point of back is most tender gently to begin with.

Age doesnt come into the equation! This frustrates me! I hate practitioners that are very close minded. If you believe you can correct it even so you feel alitle better than normal surely this is better than not at all?.

Lastly I would recommend low intensity swimming with hydrotherapy.

Regards Robert (sorry I typed this with iPod).

adriana February 15, 2012

Ah, thank you very much Robert! Pity you live so far away from the USA-for me-for treatment. I’ve had deep tissue massages (6), and that didn’t make a lot of difference. Right now I started seeing a PT -again- to work on the muscles next to the spine, which are super tight.
The chiro recommended cricket balls, and they only hurt when you roll over them! Maybe tennis balls, being a little bit softer, help (?). Worth a try.
Thanks a lot!

behealthy December 25, 2012

I have suffered from back pain for many years, and have recently received some significant help from doing exercises recommended by Dr. Mercola (www.mercola.com) from Dr. Eric Goodman (chiropractor). You can Google “Eric Goodman” and “Foundation” for a whole series of very helpful YouTube videos including a TED speech and a long interview with Dr. Mercola. Doing these exercises daily for 2 months has helped a great deal in addition to the life-giving absorption of the essential oils I use every day. My website: http://www.youroilessentials.com.

Rajabu mmbaga May 28, 2013

sure,, the topic was so interesting 2me, by then i had such pain which maily made me uncomfortable with a lot of difficulty,, bt later i realized that was due 2 my posture,,,,,,, now and ever i got learned 2 protect ma back

Robyn August 15, 2013

Hi Adriana, Esther Gokhale has qualified teachers teaching live classes all over the country. They are listed by home teaching area, but many are available to travel teach. Please see the website to find them: http://www.gokhalemethod.com

Jerry Abbang November 3, 2014

its a fortunate to have a free trigger point chart. and free posture course..long live dr. K

Margaret November 20, 2014

Im Margaret from Malta…Im 60 years old…. I went through 2 in one surgery in my back …. slip disc and lower spine…..6 years ago. After I was quite ok but 4 years later in 2012 I had another slip disc…. I did surgery too but it was the worst thing i have ever went through…..no one told me that they had messed up my nerv… but I know cause Ive been in bad pain since….When Im lying in bed only I feel some relive… sooo my life changed complitley…. in summer I go swimming where I feel ok but the pain is still there….. Please can you help me find a way of easing my pain….Is massage or going to Chiropractor help???? Im afraid to do so…. Thank you sooo much.

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