Dr Jonathan Kuttner
MBBCH, Dip O&G, Dip Sports Med, Dip MSM, FRNZCGP, FAFMM


this is a site about getting better.

My name’s Jonathan Kuttner and I’ve been in the medical field for over thirty years. I was a family doctor for twenty two years, then something happened that changed my life.

This video: the story of my hangliding crash and recovery.

I was hangliding (one of my favourite sports) above the cliffs of my local coast. I took a short cut across a ridge, and hit a downward stream of air. My glider dropped like a stone.

I managed to level out my dive just as I hit the ground. I was lucky to walk away from this crash with just a broken collar bone and a dislocated shoulder. But the next six years were full of chronic back pain and sciatica.

You see, the impact as I smashed into the ground caused some damage to my back. And every morning when I woke up it took me a while to work through the pain to get moving.

So this started me down another path. Through my own pain, I became very interested in the treatment of chronic muscle and joint pain. I ended up studying deeper and then specialising in this area.

And what I learned was this: the first step towards treating pain is to understand exactly what causes it.

Knowledge is power.

Once you understand the cause of your pain, you can do two things.

1. You can stop feeling fearful. Losing fear will reduce your pain reduce and speed your recovery.

2. You can begin to move towards getting your quality of life back.

I’ve treated so many patients who were afraid to move, afraid to bend down or do any exercise, because they were afraid of making their pain worse.

For all of these people, this fear was actually slowing down their getting better. Once they understood the cause of their pain, what to expect over time, and the best treatments available, they would start healing. With this, they would get their quality of life back.

For some people, it’s still a long road to recovery. But, I want all of you to know: there is life after pain. I’ve been there, seen it, experienced it, and so can you.

Lecturing at the Myofascial Trigger Point Conference in Chicago
The NAMTPT Lifetime Award for Contribution to Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy
Receiving the NAMTPT Lifetime Award for Contribution to Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy
Jonathan relaxing at home in New Zealand.
Jonathan kitesurfing at home in New Zealand.

Technical Director: Naomi Kuttner

Naomi (Jonathan’s daughter) manages various technical issues on site, customer service, and product development. Though a demanding task, this does leave time for other pursuits such as surfing and kitesurfing.