The Gluteus Minimus Trigger Points

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Gluteus Minimus Trigger Points

Gluteus Minimus Trigger Points

The gluteus minimus is an important muscle in the buttock. This fan shaped muscle arises from the pelvis and attaches to the femur or the main leg bone. When you stand on one leg the gluteus minimus will contract to balance you.

This makes it a vital part of the stabilisation of the pelvis. It is used constantly whilst you are standing, walking or doing anything in an upright position. It’s a relatively small and deep posture muscle and is therefore vulnerable to overuse and tension. And this is why it fairly often harbours trigger points.

You can find myofascial triggers in the muscle by pressing into the soft tissue of the side of your hip or buttock area. It is best to lie on your side so the overlying gluteus medius muscle is relaxed.

To reach the gluteus minimus press into the area deeply. If you do have triggers in this muscle you will feel tenderness deep in your buttock. This may be localised to the area you pushing or may cause pain down your leg.

There are complex patterns of pain referral from gluteus minimus trigger points. One set of triggers occurs toward the front of the muscle and will refer pain in a thin band down the outside of the leg. This band of soreness may reach right down to the ankle.

Strangely, this band of pain down the leg is not felt over the outside of the knee. Myofascial points occurring further back in the muscle are often felt deep within the buttock and refer in a broad band down the back of the thigh to just below the knee.

These patterns mimic the ache of  sciatica. Sciatica is caused by irritation or compression of the nerve exiting the spinal cord and also causes discomfort right down the leg.

Because the pain is in a similar place,  it is common to confuse the two problems. The way to tell between the two causes is this: tingling, numbness and weakness occur with sciatica, but do not occur with trigger points in the gluteus minimus muscle.

One important point – you can get sciatica and trigger points in the gluteus minimus at the same time. In fact, tense muscles caused by the discomfort of sciatica can set off trigger points in this muscle.

If you want to find out more about treating trigger points, just fill in the form below. You’ll get a free information pack and join a free email course on trigger point releases and pain relief techniques.


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  1. lynda hodgetts says

    Hi i have a lot of pain in my glute muscles,neck,shoulders to the point i have been reffered to a pain clinic i have tried all other specialist but have been told i have to live with it and learn to cope with the pain but in reading your articles it seems fixable,the chiripractor .oesteopath.acupunsture, physio could only do so much but it would go away my question is does stress play a big part in my pain or menopause i am a t present on pain relief forever it so unfair but you have given me a little bit of hope. Thank you

  2. says

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  3. Ander says

    Got persistent Glute trigger points, that come on strong when I’ve been running. Very interesting reading.

  4. Peggy Hornsby says

    I have used a store bought tens unit on triggers in buttock and been amazed at temporary relief. Have you heard of that before? Thank you!

  5. pieranna says

    Very very interesting! This is new for me as well as the ChiWalking. Two new things which I feel can help me a lot!

  6. selin says

    am 23 and hav been suffering from sciatica and both u mentioned above… i was into a lot of sports in high school and junior college volley ball football and dicus ,javelin cycling and stuff.. and a small minor injury in my tail bone as a child i slipped on the staircase and fell rite on my buttocks…one day all of a sudden during a futbal game i felt a sprain in my buttock muscle and then it kept worseing each day .. for the past 5 yer and still today i am in pain.. i heard oly food and exercises r the key to cure it.. i have started doin yoga excersises gives me a little relief ……. i hav tired all the types of docs ..i don wana go for english meds ever again.. i hav taken a lot of painkillers for 5 yrs and all too…plz help me out

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