TED Talk – The Mystery of Chronic Pain

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This excellent talk gives an understanding of how pain can become a disease in your body. And what you can do when the pain messages your body makes can become distorted – causing chronic pain.

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  1. nelfie says

    Thanks for this. I’m always keen to understand more about how the pain system works (or fails to). Do you have any knowledge of how allodynia, which I seem to have in my upper right quadrant, relates and feeds back to triggerpoint induced non-proprioception, muscle atrophy and imbalance, which I have from my calves to my head, which makes good body use almost impossible?

  2. Ali says

    Thank you for that interesting video, I took myself of my synapse depressing drug two years ago because I tried some chinese mud packs (from china) and I did not wish to confuse the two or cause any complications. Whether the mud packs helped I am not sure, but I have taken only a handful of gabapentin since and I am pleased to be free of the drug (after 9 years). I also studied an open university psychology course for a year in the hope of learning how to retrain my brain, sadly that, although very enlightening did not help either. Iv’e been through the injection route too. The only thing I have not done is an intensive pain/psycho course, but if you have any other suggestions as to how I can retrain my brain, I would be thrilled.

  3. marie says

    What can I do to get massage pros to get trigger points out? they are avoiding doing the hard work. I am being treated crudly if I ask about it. I need help please. I have had epileptic seizures for 16 yrs, and no one will help me clear trigger points so I can fix my C1 and C2. I believe I can be zeizure free, I really do.

    This little videio, shows me what is happening to me with this cronic pain I have.

    Thank You, Marie Goncalves

  4. Shonie Cust says

    Thankyou for your informative lecture. Could you please suggest a referral in Australia as our 18 yr old daughter had her legs crushed in a car accident over a year ago and has chronic pain in her knees and back which stops her from leading a normal active life.

    kind regards,

    Shonie Cust

  5. Susan Howard says

    This was fascinating to me. I am a recently licensed therapeutic massage therapist and I am also a victim of constant pain. Since I have some medical background, I understood far more than I learned in school from this video and it is important to my practice as I am determined to get people out of the pain state.

    And to Marie’s comment of May 31st, I am so sorry that you can’t find a massage therapist to help you. I would advise you not to go to a spa for what we therapeutic massage therapists call “fluff and buff”. Find a reputable therapeutic clinic for your massage. You might go to an Accupuncturist – consider that. I wish you were in Tampa because I would be more than willing to help you ASAP.

  6. Cathy Kingsborough says

    I have had a chronic pain for 10 years from a gall bladder surgery. I had a certain amount of testing done after the procedure and they found nothing wrong so they told me I may have to live with it. It involves a wrap around burning pain underneath my ribs, more on the right side than the left. I take Neurontin which seems to help some. I have learned to live with it until this past year. After making lifestyle changes with eating healthy and exercising, I discovered something underneath my right rib upon inspiration that felt like something was rolling around. I have also been going to a massage therapist who also felt it and we thought that perhaps this had something to do with my pain. I then decided to bring this up to my PCP and he ordered a CAT scan and Ultrasound of abdomen. A 7 cm cyst was revealed that is located in the porta hepatis, right near where the gall bladder was. I have had it drained but is now filling up. The surgeon doesn’t think this could be the cause of my pain. I feel otherwise. The pain has been there prior to me finding out about it with the tests that were done. I have decided to try accupuncture for pain relief. Has anybody else ever had an experience like this happen to them? Any other ideas or suggestions?? I would certainly appreciate some feedback. Thanks so much!!

  7. Marie G says

    It’s been awhile, and thanks Susan Howard, there are people here in this ski town region I live in, Whislter BC Canada. I will continue to work on it, some things have really improved with energy healing. So I am very positive, and loving these times for growth and change. Lots of love, M. Goncalves, dogonhot@hotmail.com

  8. Marie G says

    Well this window continues to pops up with my name and e-mail, so I like to say, that getting rid of stress, and relaxing, meditating, laughing with great joy is going a long way with me. Moving to my own place, soon, is so awesome. I thank all the powers that be and myself for getting to this point. Blessings, M. Goncalves

  9. Dianne Bailey says

    I found the video very interesting. I can’t help but wonder what the Homeopathic remedy Ledum would have done for her. Homeopathy can help so often when other modalities cannot. As far as Cathy K. the ball sensation makes me think of Sepia??
    D. Bailey

  10. says

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  11. trisha says

    Since fracturing my left femur in 2012, I have suffered with referred chronic trigger point pain daily at level 7. Started in my Piriformis muscle. I have finally found a brilliant physiotherapist who treats it with dry needling. My ITB has also been damaged while it was taking me 20 months to find her. The problem now is that as she fixes one area, another area becomes painful. I am doing core strengthening exercises and stretches every day to try to regain the strength I’ve lost in my legs but this damn pain just keeps moving on. As you can imagine, I have tried everything above, including the meds.


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