Does Spondylosis Equal Back Pain?

back pain

The following articles clarify the relationship between chronic pain and spondylosis or degenerative changes in the spine: The MRI scan confirms disc degeneration disease (spondylosis) of the intervertebral discs. However-  Spondylosis is not in itself a cause for low back pain, but it can be described as a morphological consequence of stressors applied to the […]

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Welcome and a Brief Explanation of Pain


Pain is most strange…. We all have experienced it. However if I were to ask you to define pain and in particular, your pain, you would find that there is confusion even at this most basic level. Some people think of their pain as a sharp, stabbing sensation, others as a deep ache … everyone […]

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How to Map Your Trigger Points

Treat Your Triggers

Hi there, one of the questions I get asked a lot is ‘how do I find my trigger points?’ or ‘how do I know what trigger points are causing my pain?’ So I’ve put together a free download and a method that I hope will help you with just that problem. Watch the video below, […]

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