Find Your Key Trigger Points – Free Trigger Course

Treating Your Key Trigger Point is the Often-Overlooked
Key to Unravelling Trigger Point Pain


I’ve been doing TPT for years and I must said that I have learned a tremendous amount of useful clinical information from you. You are a wonderful teacher! Thanks so much for your insights and knowledge. Dr. G” – Dr. Larry E. Gibson  The Chiropractic Physical Medicine Center

“In 1992 I was diagnosed with Myo Fascial Pain Syndrome, I had approximately 40 Trigger points all going off… Well, now I have been practicing your “ trigger point switch off “ and I am getting soooo much relief I cant tell you how much, finally after all these years I am feeling so much better as the pain is getting less each time I do my trigger points. ” –  Jenny Taylor

PS: If you’re convinced you’ve already got your pain under control and think there’s no new information in this manual…then you’ve got no real reason to download my FREE trigger point manual. Otherwise, don’t you owe it to yourself to test these free techniques now? > More Testimonials…

Dr-Jonathan-Kuttner-angleDr. Jonathan Kuttner MBBCh, Dip O&G, FRNZCGP, Dip Sports Med, Dip MSM, FAFMM

trigger-point-manual-smallThe FREE Trigger Point Techniques in this Manual take Just Two Minutes to Test…So You’ll Know if they Work for Your Almost Immediately After You Download Them!

“After 2 years of pain in my leg and having spent $1000′s of dollars in treatment for multiple theories I came across your website and instantly recognised my problem.After the first treatment I noticed a difference. ”  –Sandra Pilet

  • Methodically find and deactivate triggers – (even when they’re really hard to locate…)
  • What to do about SEVERE and chronic muscle spasms…
  • Get guidance for gentle trigger releases that won’t leave you with sore and bruised muscles after treatment….
  • Get Safe Stretches and Exercises to help you build muscle strength and begin your normal active life again…

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Patricia Bailey June 2, 2017

I am full of chronic trigger points and trying to apply your wisdom.
Please help me send me how to deactivate the triggers
I have are so painful, get guideance for gentle trigger realeases
get ssafe stretches and exercises to help to build muscle strength.
I have had so many knee replacements due to strep Pneumonia. they
have left me handicapped, cane, wheelchair,horrible muscle spasams.
Please work with me, I dont have the money to provide the resourses.

I am a senior and 75 years old, please help me.
I have I have spurs in every vertebrae arthritus ,
and Nueropathy upper and lower arms and legs. but I know you can help me. I
am a fighter and courageous.thank you so much

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