Trigger Points & Muscle Strain – How to Tell the Difference

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When you get a sore muscle, it can be hard to diagnose just what’s causing it. Here’s a few quick tips on how to tell the difference between a muscle strain and a trigger point.

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  1. Te Aomihia Rangihuna says

    Hi there

    Thoroughly enjoying all your postings and the trigger point manual and all info you share. I have a receurring pain in my left lateral deltoid. I have lost a lot of strength in my (r) shoulder as a result. When my thumbs are pointing down toward the floor I have little strength in lifting my (l) arm upwards. Sometimes pain is excrutiating. Do you have any ideas as how I can use trigger points to aid release of the pain.

    Secondly I also have a recuring pain deep to my (l) shoulder blade which may be a result of the deltoid injury and at its worst I have to bend over to take a jersey off over my head and shoulders. can you help :)



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