Trigger Point Maps, Tools & Charts

(Hint, you can Self Treat your Triggers Points using these Safe and Painless Methods)

My name’s Dr Jonathan Kuttner and I’ve been treating Trigger Points for over 23 years. To answer the questions I get asked every day by my readers, I’ve put together a small free course for people who want to learn how to treat their trigger points themselves.


Let’s get started with a Free Manual and a Free 2 Week Email Course.

You’ll get:

  • A great Free Trigger Point Chart Resource where you can see all the major muscles with their trigger points mapped out
  • Find out what to do about SEVERE and chronic muscle spasms
  • How to handle Trigger Points that keep coming back
  • How you can methodically find and deactivate triggers – even when they’re really hard to find.
  • Get self treatment techniques for pain relief even in those ‘impossible to reach’ areas
  • How to get back into exercise – discover the chemical in your body which means that little exercise will begin the recovery process
  • Get guidance for gentle trigger releases that won’t leave you with sore and bruised muscles after treatment


“It’s great to have things explained properly. And with the understanding gained one can make better choices to help alleviate the pain. Thanks Jonathan”

Anton S

“I am currently in school for Neuromuscular Massage Therapy, and am finding your website a great resource. If it is ok with you, I would like to email some of my fellow students your web address, so that they may watch the videos, as I find them very informative and so easy to comprehend, and I think they will too.”

Renee H,
Charlotte, North Carolina
United States of America

“I am a qualified massage therapist. I watched all videos on your website, and found some very interesting information. I will use it in my massage routine.”
Albina Grigaliuniene

“Dr. K,
These videos are great. I’ve been doing TPT for years and I must said that I have learned a tremendous amount of useful clinical information from you. You are a wonderful teacher!
Thanks so much for your insights and knowledge.

Dr. G”

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