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Discover an Unusual and Little Known 'Painless' 90 Second Trigger Point Release


My name’s Dr Jonathan Kuttner and I’ve been treating Trigger Points for over 23 years. I’ve put together a Free Trigger Point Manual and 2 week email course for people who want to find and treat their trigger points effectively.

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  • A great Free Trigger Point Chart Resource where you can see all the major muscles with their trigger points mapped out
  • How to handle Trigger Points that keep coming back
  • How you can methodically find and deactivate triggers – even when they’re really hard to find.
  • Get guidance for gentle trigger releases that won’t leave your clients with sore and bruised muscles after treatment

Hi Johnathon,

“I love the course & all the material,

“I have found it very informative and interesting. I am a massage therapist & Kinesiologist. About 2 years ago I was in an accident a lorry ran into the back of my car. I have had chiropractic treatment over the last two years, but steadily go back to pain and seizing up. I have spasms in my back & have given up running since the accident.

“Your trigger point course has really given me the inspiration I needed & now I feel i can truly get better. Thank you

I will be telling lots of clients about your site and course.”

Sandra Shackleton

“I bought your course …… using it at my clinic and in my practice.
Great course, really works well, (and I’m just a novice)! Thank you!”

Winston A. Steadman, CHt.
Imagineering NW,

“Dr. K,
These videos are great. I’ve been doing TPT for years and I must said that I have
learned a tremendous amount of useful clinical information from you. You are a wonderful teacher!

Thanks so much for your insights and knowledge.

Dr. G”
Dr. Larry E. Gibson
The Chiropractic Physical Medicine Center

“I am a massage therapist and it works both my clients & treating myself.

This course is much better than massage CEU credit course. You should apply for the American Massage Association’s CEU provider.

I think that many massage therapists will appreciate your work.”

Akiko Mashburn

“As a trigger point therapist, I have found your course to be very helpful in bringing simplicity to my treatments. As with anything, you just need a little show and tell to help you with some things, and that’s how your course has helped me.

“I had researched your program before purchasing and found that it would be a great addition to my practice.

“I have found that incorporating some of your techniques with mine helped my clients greatly.

Paul E Laviolette”

Paul E Laviolette HHP RCRT CCP