Hi there, and welcome to LifeAfterPain.com To get started, find out if Trigger Points could be causing your pain. You’ll find out the real reasons why you get triggers – and then  the following email series shows you what you can do to get rid of them – long term. And if there’s something you want […]


A question I often get asked is: ‘How do I reduce stress – because I’m sure that’s creating muscle pain for me…’ To answer that question, here’s a short story on how stress works: Right now – reach out and pick up something – a cup of tea, glass of water – anything. How heavy […]

Travels with Epicurus and a Graceful Old Age

Travels with Epicuris is a book I’ve read a couple of times. In it, the Author Daniel Klein (in his 70′) goes to the small Greek island of Hydra to discover how the Greeks (and his favourite philosopher Epicuris) go about living a graceful and meaningful old age. This goes to counter to the ‘Forever […]

Hardwiring Happiness

I really want to share this story with you, because it illustrates an important fact about how chronic pain works – and how we can rewire our brains to gain control again. The story comes from a great book called ‘Hardwiring Happiness – the New Science of Calm, Contentment and Confidence.’ In this book the […]

Chronic Pain and Resilience

Due to a birth disorder, Danea Horn had 10 surgeries before she was two, and has had demanding health challenges since then. Out of necessity, Danea developed a different way to approach her health – one that is full of self compassion and acceptance. In this interview, Danea looks at the chronic pain and resilience – […]

Fibromyalgia and the Great Sauna Project Part 2

The great sauna project is now complete – with outdoor shower, sauna heater, and a double glazed window into the forest. This project was some time in the making, but there is really nothing as relaxing for sore muscles as a sauna. (And you can put eucalyptus oil in the water you put on the […]