Hi there, and welcome to LifeAfterPain.com To get started, find out if Trigger Points could be causing your pain. You’ll find out the real reasons why you get triggers – and then  the following email series shows you what you can do to get rid of them – long term. And if there’s something you want […]

Fibromyalgia Causes And The Shortcut To Healing

Today’s guest Sue is the director of program development for the Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Center at California State University; best selling author on Amazon for chronic illness with her book FibroWHYalgia.  When Sue found her health going downhill for several years, totally out of control, she needed to know WHY.  She dedicated herself to a tenacious research […]

Is Your Pain System Playing the Imitation Game?

The latest hit movie from English actor Benedict Cumberbatch is ‘The Imitation Game.’ It describes the true story of Alan Turing – mathematical genius who helped crack the secret codes of Nazi Germany during WWII. Some experts estimated this shortened WWII by 2-4 years. He did this by breaking the ‘unbreakable’ code of the Enigma machine. This machine encrypted […]

Sleep Posture

What is the best way to position your body during sleep? There isn’t an easy answer to the “how to sleep” more healthily. The first challenge is that no matter what position you lie down in when you begin to sleep – you end up moving your body. You have very little control over what you […]

Simple Changes to End Chronic Pain

How often have you been to a medical professional who promises to cure you – or you don’t pay a dime? This is what you may experience if you were to see Ms Shaw at the Nancy Shaw Pain Clinic in Washington. Ms Shaw became a pain specialist after her own experience with chronic back pain […]

Dr Kevin Lau – Natural Scoliosis Treatment

Dr Kevin Lau has devoted his life to the natural treatment of scoliosis. Motivated by his brother’s challenges with scoliosis, Dr Lau developed a treatment program to help people maintain and improve the health and curvature of their spine. In this interview we discuss: – Causes of scoliosis – Common misconceptions about scoliosis – such […]

Getting out of Chronic Pain in 2015

If one of your goals is to get out of pain and have an active lifestyle in 2015, there’s a very important principle that could make all the difference to whether you succeed – or not. And the best way to show this principle – is in the story below: In the Andes Mountains, there […]