Hi there, and welcome to LifeAfterPain.com To get started, find out if Trigger Points could be causing your pain. You’ll find out the real reasons why you get triggers – and then  the following email series shows you what you can do to get rid of them – long term. And if there’s something you want […]

Killing Triggers

There’s a certain kind of trigger treatment I really don’t recommend. It’s called the ‘killer’ trigger point treatment. It’s when someone is so irate at the knots in their muscles that are causing them pain that when they find them they want to kill them. This means: pressing as hard as possible, drilling in, squashing […]

The iHunch

I’d like to introduce you to the latest computer trend. It’s called the iHunch. It comes installed with all laptops, desktops, tablets – and even smartphones. You’ll know it when you see it. Someone is working on their computer, and their posture starts to look something like this: That’s only the beginning. After a couple […]

Your Thoughts: Number 1 Reason Pain Doesn’t Go Away?

Hi all, the last few months have brought to light some very interesting developments. And there’s one insight in particular I’d like to share with you on: a) why people get pain and b) why trigger points keep coming back. But first – I’d like to hear your thoughts on the matters. Just click this […]