Hi there, and welcome to LifeAfterPain.com To get started, find out if Trigger Points could be causing your pain. You’ll find out the real reasons why you get triggers – and then  the following email series shows you what you can do to get rid of them – long term. And if there’s something you want […]

Fibromyalgia and the Great Sauna Project Part 2

The great sauna project is now complete – with outdoor shower, sauna heater, and a double glazed window into the forest. This project was some time in the making, but there is really nothing as relaxing for sore muscles as a sauna. (And you can put eucalyptus oil in the water you put on the […]

Tooth Brushing, Muscle Care & Muscle Health Tips

A Brief History… Here’s an interesting fact – tooth brushing has been a popular activity in Europe since late in the 17th century. However in the USA the practice did not become widespread until after the Second World War. And this was because the US soldiers had to brush their teeth during their military service […]

How having a treatment framework can change everything – with Jan Dommerholt

Jan Dommerholt PT, DPT, MPS, DAAPM is a recognized expert in the physical therapy treatment of persons with myofascial pain syndrome. Dr. Dommerholt worked with Dr Janet Travell and David Simons for years, and now teaches courses on dry needling and trigger point therapy at MyopainSeminars.com. In this interview, we discuss: The Pain Neuromatrix Model and how […]

The Life After Pain Top 10+ Trigger Point Resources

Why We Created this List This is something we’ve been looking into for a while (and it’s still very much a work in progress.) The thing is, there’s some excellent sites and books on myofascial trigger points, and people doing some great work. Read below to find out the top trigger point places worth checking out. […]

Autologous Blood Injection for Tendonitis

What’s the difference between tendinitis and trigger point pain? How long does tendinitis usually take to heal? How does an autologous blood injection for tendonitis work? What are the side effects? What treatments are available to treat it? Why breaking a bone is sometimes less serious than a tendon injury (and why this is the […]