Hi there, and welcome to LifeAfterPain.com To get started, find out if Trigger Points could be causing your pain. You’ll find out the real reasons why you get triggers – and then  the following email series shows you what you can do to get rid of them – long term. And if there’s something you want […]

Dr Kevin Lau – Natural Scoliosis Treatment

Dr Kevin Lau has devoted his life to the natural treatment of scoliosis. Motivated by his brother’s challenges with scoliosis, Dr Lau developed a treatment program to help people maintain and improve the health and curvature of their spine. In this interview we discuss: – Causes of scoliosis – Common misconceptions about scoliosis – such […]

Getting out of Chronic Pain in 2015

If one of your goals is to get out of pain and have an active lifestyle in 2015, there’s a very important principle that could make all the difference to whether you succeed – or not. And the best way to show this principle – is in the story below: In the Andes Mountains, there […]

Trigger Points and Shin Splints

I have a problem with shin splints and IT band pain when running and can’t seem to find the right trigger points to stop the pain. Any suggestions? To understand trigger points and shin splints I’ll start with the anatomy because that’s always a good place to start at. The IT stands for iliotibial band. […]

Killing Triggers

There’s a certain kind of trigger treatment I really don’t recommend. It’s called the ‘killer’ trigger point treatment. It’s when someone is so irate at the knots in their muscles that are causing them pain that when they find them they want to kill them. This means: pressing as hard as possible, drilling in, squashing […]