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Techniques for Lasting Muscle Pain Relief

For over over three decades, Dr. Kuttner has helped people facing chronic pain. It's a hard and sometimes lonely path, so on this website - Life After Pain - we want to arm you with both knowledge and inspiration to help you along the way.

Here's what you'll find out on this website:

  • Find out how to win the mind game. There's a powerful connection between how we respond to pain and how much pain we actually feel. Mastering this can lead to a breakthrough in your quality of life

  • Discover what trigger points are - how they can cause unexplained muscle pain - and how you can treat them yourself, using simple and safe methods
  • How to break the cycle of exhaustion and pain. You'll find out what to do so that your body can make endorphines, rest properly, and start the journey back to active living

You'll find interviews with experts to listen to, videos to watch, articles and tools to use. There's places to learn, leave comments, share your experience and give and get support.

Pain, Healing and Transformation

Over years of helping people with chronic pain we've noticed that small, simple steps are often the most effective - a minute or two of daily exercise, a morning stretch, a rethink of past habits and assumptions. And, most of all, a positive mindset.

Our body's natural tendency is to move towards health. You can actively support this movement by figuring out the cause of your pain, taking action to remove it, and keeping your attention on the positive.

Start by checking out the free articles and videos on the site. Then, go ahead and subscribe to the free email course on how to find and treat trigger points. You'll get a free introduction manual on treating triggers. You can then use these little known techniques to reduce chronic muscle pain.

Free Trigger Point Manual

To your continued health,
Jonathan @ LifeAfterPain Ltd

"It's great to have things explained properly. And with the understanding gained one can make better choices to help alleviate the pain. Thanks Jonathan"
Anton S

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Body Map

Trigger Points are a common (and little known) cause of muscle pain. Dr Kuttner (previously featured on TVNZ) shows how you can self treat your trigger points to relieve muscle pain.

Jonathan Kuttner

Dr. Jonathan Kuttner
MBBCh, Dip O&G, FRNZCGP, Dip Sports Med, Dip MSM, FAFMM

"Dear Dr. Kuttner, 
I watched your video on stretching neck muscles. Finally there is a method of stretching that works and makes sense! "
Dara S

"It is clear to me that "trigger points" can be the missing link in the evolution of understanding and releasing our muscular tension at any age, in any circumstance, from athletes to those with chronic pain.

Eagerly I began to search online but it was your site LifeAfterPain.com that stopped my search. I purchased my membership that day and have looked no further for information on Trigger Point Therapy. "
Ana Johnson

"Dr. K,
These videos are great. I've been doing TPT for years and I must said that I have learned a tremendous amount of useful clinical information from you. You are a wonderful teacher!
Thanks so much for your insights and knowledge."
Dr. Larry Gibson